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The Massachusetts State House was begun in 1795, and completed in 1798. It was renovated and added upon in 1895. Now, one hundred years later, all its gilt and glamour appears to exist for the sole purpose of amusing the myriad tourists to pour through the city of Boston daily.

Beyond that, though, there is a fascinating study in social attitudes in America, expressed through the over 200 years of art and architecture present.

For instance, a first glance at the original section of the State House is a telling study in Federalist attitudes. The building is relatively unadorned, especially when one considers that the current shining gold dome was originally shingled. The building is also completely symmetrical, balanced. At the time, America was the only democratic nation in the world. The Republic was very much in fashion, and very much a part of the national style; this Federalist architecture displays this eloquently.

Tours are available every day except Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. And if one is lucky, he might attend a tour led by the writer.

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