You've felt it before. That sensation, that vibe, that energy that flows through your being, and permeates each little bit of your flesh. It makes you quiver with anticipation, noticing each sensation like it was brand new, and it sends tremors over you. A gentle breeze, the fabric of your clothing, the smell of the air. All of them are incredible, a new experience that you've never had before.

But it's not just a new way of seeing the world... you feel it, feel it in ways that are unexplainable, that are divine, that push you further into ecstacy, and ecstacy that only increases itself, that seems to develop into higher state. Your fingers touch the air currents, you see the dripping of the faucet, you hear the roses blooming. It's a temporary synesthesia threatening to envelop your entire being.

It's not sex... sex is boring compared to a moment like this...

The product of a group nodeshell challenge. Have a nice day.

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