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(His REAL name, seriously!!!)
Reprinted with his permission

Master Ho, a nationally recognized psychic researcher, is an ordained minister, Doctor of Divinity with over 25 years experience in parapsychology and metaphysics. A teacher and lecturer on, among other things, metaphysics, religion, ghosts and crystals, Ho began his professional career in 1971 teaching about U.F.O.'s at a New England college, making him possibly the first person in the United States to teach U.F.O.'s for college credit. A former field-investigator for A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), he has presented his "U.F.O. Workshop" nationwide.

The executive administrator and co-partner of Hi-De-Ho Enterprises in Camarillo, California, Ho is the creator of "The Crystal Dynamics" tape series, "UFO's? YES!" and "The Bible & Metaphysics: Is There A Conflict?". Having had a multi-faceted career, he has written, acted, produced and directed presentations for radio, television and stage.

Additionally, Ho is the Crystal Awareness Institute's most active certified instructor, and has lectured to colleges and centers professionally for the past sixteen years. He has appeared on radio and television throughout the US, was a regular on KABC's "Open Mind With Bill Jenkins" in the 1980's and has been a featured speaker at The Whole Life Expo since 1983, at The Learning Light Foundation (Anaheim) since 1981, where he is a member of the Board of Directors, and at Vision Quest (Canoga Park) from 1985-1996.

The Crystal Awareness Institute, founded by DaEl Walker, is the only crystal group in the United States authorized to teach methods to nurses for their education units under California State Provider 7311.

His bio aside, Ho is a witty, intelligent, compassionate, dynamic human being. His ongoing labor of love apart from his busy teaching schedule is his online community, The Reality Box. Check it out!

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