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Mat Mania is a one-on-one wrestling game made by Taito in 1985. You wrestle other competitors from around the world in a tournament. You can bounce off the ropes, jump from the turnbuckle and even take it out of the ring. Smack Down! One wins a match by pinning one's opponent for a three count or by detaining him outside of the ring for twenty counts. One can lose the match by standing on the top rope for more than five counts.  If the time runs out before any of the above occurs, it is declared a draw.

The game has five opposing wrestlers who you must fight in order: Insane Warrior, Karate Fighter, Cocoa Savage, The Pirania and Golden Hulk.

If you beat the champion, the Golden Hulk, you win and the game begins again

Other Games in the Series

  1. Tag Team Wrestling
  2. Mat Mania
  3. Mania Challenge


The PCB set for this game is comprised of two boards. The top board is labeled TA-0015-P2-0 and the bottom board is TA-0015-P1-0. The main CPU is a 6502A and the sound processor is a 6502P with two AY-3-8910A ICs.


Mat Mania is actually an alternate title to Exciting Hour (props to TBBK, the owner of Exciting Hour 001).
In the game, if you look closely at the audience in the background, you will see a variety of recognizable characters including a boy in a Union Jack t-shirt, Darth Vader, Superman and several others.

Mat Mania and Mania Challenge were combined into Mat Mania Challenge and released for the Atari 2600 and 7800 in 1990/1991.


Mat Mania has a standing cabinet with a standard resolution vertical monitor. It uses the Konami Standard wiring harness. The control panel has one 8-way joystick and two buttons: Punch and Kick. Players alternate, fighting against the computer. It has single channel sound.
source: klov.com, the indomitable knowledge of TheBooBooKitty

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