Title: Materia Magica
Developer: Ingenii Interactive Co.
Year Released: 1995
Platform: Computer Game

Materia Magica at a Glance

Materia Magica (MM) was originally known as Moongate Online, during its initial debut in 1995, from Ingenii Interactive Co. In 2000, Moongate Online officially became Materia Magica, and becoming a whole new game.

Being a text-based game, Materia Magica goes beyond expectations, engrossing the player in a whole new world of imagination and excitement. It pulls away at the general opinion of games being graphically violent, and pushes the bar towards a more intelligent kind of game.

Materia Magica is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG), and an Interactive Entertainment Network (IEN), the very first of its kind. Most commonly associated with games of it’s type as a Multi-User Dungeon, or MUD, Materia Magica defies the categorization that is associated with such a broad term as a MUD.

Materia Magica uses a Telnet or any standard MUD Client to operate, making the game very flexible to a large amount of people. Materia Magica is, and continues to be a free, open game to anyone who desires to play, and subsequently attracting a large, loyal player base. The average number of people, given any time of day, ranges from about 250-400 people. Materia Magica is played internationally, drawing most of its players from the United States with others connect from more exotic locations such as Australia, Croatia and the Philippines.

Like any other MMORPG, such as Star Wars Galxies, Everquest, or Lineage: The Blood Pledge, Materia Magica continues to evolve, never staying completely the same for any given amount of time. The Administration works tirelessly to constantly improve the game.

The World of Materia Magica

As soon as you begin your game, you instantly notice the amount of customization that makes you unique within the gaming world. As Materia Magica is fundamentally a Role-playing game, the administration keeps vigil over your character’s name, removing any ‘SSJ4GOKU’, ‘Gandalf’ and ‘Ph33rT3hl33tn3ss’ names in the game, and limiting it to more original and pseudonyms, such as Soran or Azkul.

With 12 races and 13 unique classes to choose from, the possibility of complete customization are apparent, with the four-tiered multiclassing system, allowing you to be an evil Ogre barbarian, or a noble Human Paladin. As you advance into the game, you may change your profession, possibly becoming a Halfling Rogue/Ranger. The possibilities are nigh endless. Each class has it’s own complexity-based skill set. No skill levels, you learn the skill when you find an appropriate trainer and obtain the right information and understanding to progress in your chosen adventuring path.

Materia Magica has a highly detailed commerce and economic system. Their bank branches charge fees and provide financial stability. The shops have a limited amount of items they can sell, instead of having an infinite stash. The supply and demand theory is implemented, as prices rise and fall according to the needs of the player economies. Auctions make buying and selling an enigma of its own, attempting to forecast what the demand for an item and how much you can get for it. You can lease and run your own in-game shop. Stock it with items, set and adjust prices and "hawking" messages, and enjoy becoming a powerful merchant with this economically-inspired feature.

Materia Magica features a huge, totally original, realistic universe (you won't find it anywhere else) - with over eight million locations to explore, as well as remarkable and numerous means of travel, such as horses and dragons, magic carpets, enchanted brooms, powerful worldgates, strange devices of gnomish design, and much more! With seas, jungles, plains, desert, mountain areas and underground, you have virtually unlimited possibilities for adventure. In addition, Materia Magica's visible compass provides information and direction as to where you can go and what might await you there. Materia Magica was the first of its kind to implement such a powerful tool.

The non-player character (NPC) interactions are sophisticated and elegant. NPCs don't just stand around doing nothing, they continue on with the business of their lives. Players and NPCs interacting with each other take the gaming experience to a new level.

The formation-based combat that Materia Magica has is incredible.. As formation leader, move your team members around to achieve the optimal defense of the weaker characters, while putting your strongest characters up front to take the brunt of the attacks. You may place your magic-users in the back of the form so they can blast the opponents with spells, while you take advantage of your short-range weapon in the front of the form. You can aim at a creature's specific body parts and take advantage of vulnerabilities. Try to blast their arm (or tentacle!) with a magic wand or even parry an opponent's sword, or block his deadly fireball with your shield. You can use the default settings with great ease, or customize your combat settings for more control.

Most importantly, they have friendly technical support savants available for email-based assistance when you are having difficulties. And within the game, they have trained, experienced players to act as Guides. These guides are there to assist both the novice and the more experienced players alike.

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