The Mathematical Repository and the New Series of the Mathematical Repository are mathematics journals edited by Thomas Leybourn and printed by W. Glendinning, in London. The Mathematical Repository was a journal of mathematics which published three volumes from 1799-1804. The New Series of the Mathematical Repository was a continuation of The Mathematical Repository, published from 1806-1833.

The Repository, in both incarnations, was a journal of popular mathematics. Each volume of the New Series consisted of three parts: 120 mathematical questions; original essays; and "Mathematical Memoirs Extracted From Works of Eminence".The New Series began with ten large plates in the first volume, the number and size of which was greatly reduced by the third volume, and completely eliminated by the fourth volume, where there are not any plates larger than a full page. While The Repository was popular journal, it contains many articles by significant individuals. The following are general descriptions of each volume.

The Mathematical Repository, 1799-1804, printed by W. Glendinning, London, 3 v. xxxiii fold. pl. (diagrs.) 19 cm. (I have not been able to find any additional information about The Mathematical Repository. Additional information would be appreciated and will be added.)

The contents of the volumes of the New Series of the Mathematical Repository are as follows:

The Mathematical Repository is, for its time, a significant publication. It is presently very rare, and not normally found outside libraries. It should not be confused with The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository, published in London from 1741-1840 (100 volumes).

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Also volumes 1, 3, 4 of the New Series of the Mathematical Repository, in my possession.

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