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Also called sex on a stick, Matthew MacNab Bivins ("Matt") is one of the front men for the singing sensation Jump, Little Children. Matt is often known as the dynamic and sexy member of the group, most often seen on stage wearing flamboyant clothing and swiveling his hips from side to side. His main instruments are the accordion, harmonica, both electric and acoustic mandolin and the tin whistle.

Matt was born on June 5, 1972 in High Point, NC. He attended the North Carolina School of the Arts for high school and a portion of college. While there, he teamed up with Jay Clifford and Ward Williams, whom he would start the band Jump, Little Children.

Although a good deal of the singing/songwriting is left up to Jay Clifford, but Matt also writes and sings a few of the band's songs. "Matt songs" tend to have a beatnik flavor to them. Matt enjoys a psuedo-rap sound, and the subject matter is often fun and about sex. Some of his more famous songs are "Pink Lemonade", "Habit", and "Innocent Kiss".

Friends of Matt say that he is actually a shy person when not on stage, but if you go to a J,LC show you may see Matt getting three or four marriage proposals in one night. He is also the "online" member of the band. If you were to e-mail J,LC, Matt would most likely be the one responding. Matt's energetic performances and varied instrumental abilities truly add to Jump, Little Children.

"Matt songs" may be downloaded here:
Pink Lemonade:http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/pink.htm
Habit: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/habit.htm
Innocent Kiss: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/innocent.htm
The Singer: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/thesinger.htm
Taster's Choice: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/tasters.htm
Johnny Jump Up: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/johnny.htm
Lannigan's Ball: http://www.creativechaos.net/jlc/lyrics/lannigan.htm

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