Matty Cries is an American indie-pop band, the only permanent member of which is Rachel Horton. Matty Cries is signed to Intermediate Records in Pennsylvania. Their songs are characterized by droning, cartoonish keyboard melodies, emotional, rather "cute" sounding vocals, and lyrics of a sentimental or whimsical nature. Recurring song themes include science, "favorite singers", buildings and trees having hearts, pioneers and pilgrims, the Midwest, parents houses, tour buses, and someone named Matty From The Midwest. Matty From The Midwest is reported to be a fictional character of Rachel Horton's own creation. Rachel Horton lists Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes as her biggest influence, whom she later met and found to be "a dear". She is also inspired by Kimya Dawson, Tilly and the Wall, Beat Happening, and 1930s cartoons in which Mickey Mouse is a pioneer. Listen to this band at Watch for them on tour soon.

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