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Welsh comedian who was very popular (in Wales at least) in the 1970s.
He would turn up to most of the Welsh rugby union games of the time carrying an enormous daffodil or leek and get the crowd singing along to patriotic songs such as Land Of My Fathers or Sospan Fach.
This was around the time that Wales used to win most of their games.
He seemed to vanish some time in the mid 80s around the same time that the rugby team's form took a nosedive.
The best album of his stuff to get is probably Live At Treorchy, which was recorded at the Treorchy Rugby Club in the Rhonda valley in 1973. This album contains some of his most famous routines and songs such as Hymns And Arias and The Outside Half Factory.
We All Had Doctors' Papers and The Incredible Plan are still available too.
I remember all this as my dad was Welsh and so I was force-fed it from a very young age. I bought the above album again recently and was surprised by how funny some of it still was.

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