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The 15 year-old hero of Rushmore, the movie. Full of enthusiasms, but also full of doubts (he wonders if he should be spending his time trying to score chicks). Has an adversarial relationship with schoolmate Magnus Buchan. Max imposes his enthusiasms onto others, falls in unrequited love, gets expelled from school, suffers unhappiness, then learns to accept things and people as they are. Played by Jason Schwartzman.

The second fictional character I have ever fallen in love with.

The first was Holden Caulfield, so you know where my mind's at:

Bring on the tasty, underachieving prep school boys!

Max Fischer's best friend was Dirk Calloway (nee Dennis the Menace, but don't hold it against him). He was tight with Herman Blume (friends in high places). He failed everything.

He was a barber's son.

He gave out his extension number at school to chicks whom he was trying to score.

Glasses, neatly styled hair, blazer, velvet suit. An oval face.

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