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You know those little signs? "Maximum Height 7' 10''" before a bridge or a tunnel or a McDonald's drive thru window? Sure ya do. Little round white signs with a thick bright red outline just in case you weren't paying attention already. You know what they're for. Those big scary lumber-hauling, car-stomping, piss-bottle-chucking monstrosities you see barrelling down the road on the way to school or church or your friendly neighborhood video rental.

Those little signs are what keeps the big bad monster truck from getting too friendly with the IH 25 overpass. So why in the name of our sweet, benevolent Lord are those beautiful, life-saving critters always located so as to provide precisely ten seconds' warning to whosoever doth so arrogantly assume that they should be deemed worthy of passage that they are not in fact welcome, and maybe ought to turn the fuck around so as to avert tragedy via inbound obstacle.

Exactly what is the driver supposed to do in that situation? God knows he can't just STOP the sonuvabitch in traffic. And is he going to bite the bullet? I don't think so. So he barrels off the road, probably crashing the poor truck while he's at it, and more likely than not killing little Jimmy who wasn't quite bright enough to get out of the way. So now the driver's dead, Jimbo's dead, the truck's dead, and all the bystanders have one helluva story to take home to the fam, which must be the reason for putting the signs so close to good 'ol IH 25 in the first place.

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