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Still Waiting for Everything Snapshot. Emailed JeffMagnus, while still waiting a reply to the /msg.

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Ah, joy. Today I found a nice place to stay for the next year.
After a couple of weeks of insanity, my SO and I managed to grab the elusive Coyoacan cheap-but-decent flat. The early bird and all that.
On the work side, the Big Project is going ... I wish I knew were it is going. Today my immediate Boss (not of the pointy haired variety) spent the whole day talking with the Big Kahuna. She is not back yet.
Now there are two possibilities. She either has been given the job of the Lesser Kahuna, which means that she will make me King of the Big Project, or she has been told that we are all on skids, in which case it will be a rat race to the good laser printer for printing CVs.

I don't know, and yet I feel strangely detached about the whole thing. Really, I don't get that worked up about things anymore. Maybe it is because I have the impression that I can easily find another job.

Anyway ... noded some today, fucked around with zope (neat !), listened to the mysterious coffee machine noises, and then I noded a long spoof I wrote three years ago about the Pets Control Policy at CMU.
The dude whose boss I am (the idea still surprises me) asked for leave to telecommute from UNAM. Of course I agreed, besides we have webcams in both offices, so we can keep an eye on each other ... besides I have total trust in him.
Now I should go home before my SO starts wondering if have been eaten by a grue.

14:35 EET


Went to bed at 1, tossed around until 4:30, took a pill. 5 hours of sleep is not enough.

Thankfully I don't suffer from insomnia often, this was the second time this year.
It's funny though. If I sleep only a bit too little, say 7 hours, I feel really exhausted for the entire day. But if I'm in the dreamworld for 5 hours or so, the symptoms of tiredness don't hit until dinner time. Before that there is this strange zombie-like state where I can't feel any weariness at all, but don't have any energy either.

During my last semester in lukio (more or less the Finnish equivalent of high school) last spring, I was quite stressed and didn't sleep too well. A 10-hour school day with two hours of sleep was really interesting. For some reason paying attention to what the teachers were lecturing was really easy, at least for the first few classes. Later during the day I really had to fight to keep my eyelids from slamming shut.

Time to go and grab some lunch. Such a nice weather outside, although a tad lower temperature would be great. I still am a winter person.

I came back to bed after my dream about drilling out of prison, but could not sleep again. Did not want to. Too full of energy after the prison break. Sometimes you wake up and have the energy to get up, and you should, even though it's an ungodly hour (4:30 a.m.). If you don't act at that point in your circadian cycle, it might be another five hours before you can get up, and then you'll feel all cranky.

So I dreamed about the prison break, and woke up feeling like: What are we doing putting all these people in prison? What exactly do we hope to accomplish by creating a little hell here on earth and throwing people into it? It's obviously not about reform anymore. So, punishment and deterrence. Well, it certainly is a deterrent for people like me. No way I want to go to prison! Terrifies me. But it's obviously not enough of a deterrent for the 1% of Americans who end up in jail, but will making it more hellish work? Why is it not a deterrent for so many people? And since they are not amenable to deterrence, what should we do once they land in jail? Whatever we're doing now is not working.

We are already quite discriminatory in how we punish crime. A woman is sent to a prison, but a man or a boy is sent to hell. Especially the boys. Rape camp. 60,000 "unwanted sexual acts" daily. Do we want to be doing this to males who then come back out into society?

Today I will not node. I will continue working on Unfinished Stories offline, just to take my mind off the daily soul rape. But, I will not node for the rest of the day once I'm done with this node. I solemnly affirm. I don't want to end up like that Pedro guy. I will just type in the link for my work-related site and stay there for the rest of the day. Must resist the addiction. Must not be like the flawed characters I like to write about. Oops, just got to make one more addition to the UNFINISHED STORIES DAMMIT node...

...did I mention Unfinished Stories?
This day... urgh, I don't even know if I wanna start this...
Okey, today was another exiting day in my life. Much of it was spent in total boredom at school, learning nothing... Well, except that the cash from the locker-deposits that had been stolen from the wardens office, hadn't been returned yet. I needed that cash, after turning in my key, to get a shitload of cigarettes.
Well, anyway, got on the bus home after the day at school, had a misserable dinner, then rode a bike for the 10 kilometres back to school, and is currently spending my treasured leisuretime noding...
Not that noding isn't worth the time, it's only that *grunt* my ass gets sore from all the bike-riding stuff... Adds up to a total of 150-160 kilometres in a week, or something like 100 miles.
Wait a sec! Isn't that some kind of athlete stuff? I think I can feel sweat on my body!?!?! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! I'm no longer a monument to total geek-hood! Help me! Anybody!!!
Good morning nodemates!!

Nightmare last night so no dream log today. For the most part I sit up screaming in bed. The first time I did this with my husband he shot upright to see what the heck was going on and I elbowed him a good one in the chest. He says his heart nearly stopped beating. It's a blessing that some part of my mind will not let me remember them.

Has anyone seen briiian ? I'm a little worried about him/her.

Made BBQ ribs, bakers and corn on the cob last night and Number One Son called from work wanting me to bring the leftovers down. The guys from the pizza place next door came over to join in the feast! That was neat:)

kenata Some questions don't have answers which is a terribly difficult lesson to learn, be patient with yourself.

Number Two Son has informed me that he plans to graduate from High School ASAP and would like to attend Summer School to get his foreign language requirements out of the way. His geometry teacher placed 20 th in the Olympic Trials, I was so disappointed for him. He's been working towards that for years.
Rumor has it at the Junior High School a teacher has posted the Urban Legend written about me on the Hall of Fame......I'm shocked! None of the kids will tell me where it is.

Get yourself a limbo girl
Give that chic a limbo whirl
There's a limbo moon above
You will fall in limbo love
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock

Went out for my walk last night and a neighbor with his baby daughter on his hip was waxing his car while three kiddos (7-12 year olds) are blasting Chubby Checker's Limbo Rock song on a CD player.
Microphone in hand Ken loudly hails me, Hello Mrs. _____ and I HAVE to laugh at him amazed that these kids know my name since it's been 8 years since I taught at their school! Anyway a quick limbo and Kiki and I were on our way home.

What is, What Can Be

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
- Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

Not knowing what tomorrow holds for me I seek to trust more fully. No matter what my situation may appear to be, trusting God brings hope.


Do I feel like a goof. Relief that I had not in fact slept through my first class of the summer term as reported two days ago; instead making it to school on as close to no sleep as matters (after a night of "serious endeavours"-insomnia, not even slowed by an attempted midnight carbohydrate knockout) to discover that my class was not in the room I thought it was. Some cursory research provided the facts:

The place was right, but I was a month and a half early for this particular class.

Relief at not having gotten off on the wrong foot after all. Relief at being able to go back home and actually get some winks before the TabNet video night tonight. But serious ambiguity about the sincerity of my renewed academic earnestness - how serious can I be about my school-career if I can't even be bothered to get the month right?


Anyhow, on the walk home a street person at Hastings and Main, finding some offense in my typical soulful grimace, commanded me to Smile! I had no choice but to respect their authority and break out beaming.

Mental note: next time some sleep is absolutely required, do not try counting sheep unless you fancy a play-by-play mental review of the entirety of Loom, which is always a good thing, but still a far cry from sleep.

It's not just me! The narrator of The Horla is also afraid of sleep and afraid of his bed! Won't my roommates be surprised when I burn down the house! Tee hee...

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

Multiple days in one day log because I think everyone here is so special they should know everything.

I did some research and apparently I will be in London when all the good rock shows are passed through and gone. Oh well, maybe I will just make an effort to break things and steal out of so called 'royal' dumpsters. Does anyone know what the royal family throws out, is it some type of federal offense to steal it?

the other day, I decided that doing anything illegal within visual range of a post office is a federal crime. I am in deep shit cause my apartment is right across the street from one.

two dreams:
1) I was handed a bag full of condoms which had secret codes written on them. I spent much of the dream deciphering the codes, however I can't remember anything they said.
2) I bathed in a chewing gum and milk, more comfortable than you would think.

I have intense cravings for djarum cloves. Stupid random nodes.

There is a small pile of used kleenex's accumulating beside my computer. Oh - there goes another! Pretty soon I will be drowning in my own bodily waste. Today I am sick and it is not fun. Normally I enjoy being sick because it's that not-quite-sick-but-it-still-gives-me-the-excuse-to-be-a-lazyass kind of sick, but since I've had quite a few of those days recently, I don't have time to stop doing things, even if it's real this time. Yes, I know. Boy, wolf, yadda yadda yadda. My head feels like a clogged drainhole. I'm going to go drown myself in pills before I go to improv.

I awoke with a start, not sure about anything.
Sitting up in bed, listening to the Captain murmuring over the 1MC announcing system, I realized several things, none of which were good.
  1. I am not at home. I am on a Naval Vessel somewhere in the ocean.
  2. I am late.
Yet another inauspicious way to start the day. A General Quarters (A 'Now man your battle stations' kind of thing) drill occurs as I finish brushing my teeth. Great. Afterwards, I catch up on some paperwork, and node my first bit of the nodeshell world fiction project. I like the idea, because now I have some place to stick the little flickers of creativity that light the inside of my eyes.

Watch begins at 11:30, so I am off for lunch and boredom. Unfortunately, no boredom. Instead, I am greeted with another major lube oil leak. I am an engineering casualty waiting to happen. But that's ok.

It is 5:00 pm, and I have not yet seen the sun.
It happens all the time. I go days without seeing it.
It is dark. No sun today. Will try again tomorrow.

Go ahead, down vote me, you rat bastards!

Read a book. Watched some tube. Recreated my concept of the universe. Started a cult. Nuked a small country. Bought a dog. Got drunk. Walked 3.14 miles. Invented skyhyrzodynamic protochemical differential gooblygook. Ate a squirrel. Flossed. Wrote a love poem. Gave my love poem to a stick bug. Made cheese. Shaved my cat. Slew a dragon. Organized a Beta fish tournament. Got a date. Kissed my kids. Sharpened my teeth on an old pair of shoes. Broke the sound barrier in my VW Bug. Stopped Dr. Krewl from taking over the world.
Time to get some sleep.
This is my last chance to go visit Scott before leaving for a while. I have no alibi. He's already gone to bed in The Cave, and his housemates are watching The Natural. They wave as i go by. We talk about a men's radio station, with sports and Stern, and rock, just rock, and maybe some real country, none of that lame stuff.. And he asks me to stay, and i do.. and that's that. Sleeping in the Cave is comforting. I head home in the grey of five (he's overslept, i still have time for another hour of sleep). Early mornings are sometimes very good things, with the memory of kisses hovering still all over my face, and everything smoothed out around my rumpled clothes.

Later, when it's time to explain, it will not be so peaceful.

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