I finally saw a Tesla Cybertruck in real life today.

You know how when you go to an aquarium after seeing fish in photographs all your life, you realise the photos failed to convey the size of fish because they provided no easy context? And how you look at the fish and you think "Oh, fish are BIG"?

That was the Tesla truck. I had no idea the thing was that big.

Not that I haven't seen bigger, I know what a Semi is, there's plenty of SUVs of similar size, but -- the Tesla Truck manages to be more intimidating and imposing than any personal vehicle I've ever seen. Something about the height of the wheels and the perfectly straight, sharp lines just seems so cold and mean. Any other car on the road has at least a few friendly curves, even the Hummer -- even the original military Humvee! But this thing, this thing has no mercy at all. This thing screams "I bite at random".

And apparently the motorized front trunk will close on and break any object that gets in the way, as has been tested on mockups of human hands. This car does bite. Do not allow your children to play near this vehicle.

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