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I took a walk around the building where I work. It only took a few minutes, and it was right after the sun had come up (I don't like sunrises and sunsets).

Big deal, right? It's not, but I've worked here for a year and a half and going outside during my shift is weird. I did it once, last March. Anyway, it seems to make a difference, not in how the Earth turns on its axis or foreign policy or anything like that, but in my attitude when I plant myself back into my Steelcase Chair of Doom.

Once I got back I did a cartwheel in the hall. The first one sucked, but then I thought there is no spoon and the second one was better.

Looks like it's Mother's Day today.

But, as this is only the beginning of the day for me, the only thing I can report for the time being is that, for reasons unknown to me, my work schedule has been altered so that I don't work today. Coincidentally, I've been coming up with ideas in my head for an adventure game called "The Shopping Cart Conspiracy", an tale of betrayl and deciet in the Grocery industry.


Welp, it was about time I tried to upgrade my video card. Too bad my Windoze box didn't agree with that. One install of a Voodoo3 3500 TV card later resulted in more crashes, performance loss, and other ugly things. SIGH... back to the Savage4 and Voodoo2 accellerator for me... Maybe I'll try a new video card again when I'm ready for a complete clean reinstall of Windoze 95... Or a clean install of the pirated Win98SE CD I have...

Wake up, turn on computer, and network stuff (DSL modem, hub, firewall). They were down for the storm last night. Realise that no web pages are loading, and it's not just Slashdot that's gone. Firewall says it can't contact the WAN router. Groan, it's Bell Atlantic screwing me over again. Log on to old dial-up account. Perform tracert on self thru MS-DOS prompt. Remind self to hate Windows. Notice that DNS server of ISP is working, it's Bell's fault. Groan. Go to Everything2.com to pass the time.

I woke up early today. Told my mother Happy Mother's Day. Got a bite to eat and made my brother a music CD. My mother and brother left to go fishing on 'Family Day'. I am not into fishing. I was going to go and take a bike ride somewhere and maybe try being social or something. I was just to lazy. Right now I am so love hungry. Love is such a weird emotion. I am so consumed by love. I need it. I need to find some girl to talk to. I am such an emotional slut. Been on #slashdot and #everything pretty much all day. I hate high school. Although I do want to go back tomorrow. I feel mixed feelings. I like some of the people there because I am gaining some friends that are cool. I guess I will start hanging out with the goth/punk/outcast seen at school. It's really a mixed group and even those three groups don't describe them. I really like some of the people they are just so real and in touch unlike the popular kids. I think this is mainly due to that the ones I know that are in the group have had some kind of mental treatment.

The group isn't really a group. It is made up of many different people. The group contains poets, musicians, kindred spirits, and other beautiful souls
Today, I got my chainsaw certification. This means I can use a chainsaw to fell, limb, and buck trees in Forest Service and Parks Service-controlled areas. That is, I can do that for puropses of maintaining trails in those areas. I needed that for my summer job.

I cut down a tree today. A dead one. It was really loud when it fell. It was fun.


Slept in.
I slept in until 8:00 this morning. Felt damn good, too. The ship pulled back into port to let the Air Wing (pilots and their support people) on, and I got to spend about an hour at home this morning. I had to come back for six hours, and then got to go home again around 6:00 pm. My wife had new jammies, and looked especially cute. My daughters were a little whiny, and my son was feverish and had a stuffy nose. She is an amazing woman. I've been gone a week, and the house was immaculate (besides the usual mess that children create by their mere presence). She's pretty cool, and I'm a lucky man.

I did the usual husband/dad things during my hour--picked up dog poop, emptied the diaper pail and the trash, and did the dishes. Just my little contribution to Mother's Day.

Aircraft Carriers can be pretty damn impressive...
I was driving back to the ship after my one hour parole this morning, and I realized that my home away from home appears majestic, even awe-inspiring. One thousand feet long, Seventy thousand tons, and five thousand of my closest friends.
Came home and helped put the girls to bed. Tadpole was feeling worse and had gone to sleep around 5:00pm with a temperature just under 105 F. Kids can have a pretty high temperature before cooking their brains, but it's not very pleasant. He woke up around 7:00, crying and calling his mom. "I want my mom", he sobbed. We drugged him with motrin and tylenol, and his fever broke around 7:30.
My wife looks even more delectable when wet.
But unfortunately she was tired too, so we went to bed early, around 10:30. I cleaned the boy's room before that, searching in vain for the baby monitor.
My brain has been in terrier mode today.
I keep trying to find things, unsuccessfully, and get hopelessly one track about it. I spent an entire hour trying to find the baby monitor. A serious waste of my limited time at home. I have to get up the most unnatural hour of 3:40 am and leave for another few days.

In the navy...you can sail the seven seas. Come on, everybody sing!

I don't do holidays well and this one in particular is difficult for me. My belief is that; What I say about my past determines my future. Suffice it to say it is a reflection of my parentage, not the loved ones I live with at present.

The best present of the day was indeed *big smiles* is my son's gift of graduating with the honor of receiving o a Gold Diploma. The mother next to me handed me a tissue for my tears of joy during his Baccalaureate last night! I was so happy to see one young man's name on the Gold Diploma list. He had been retained a grade, (gasp! yes our public school district still retains students and does not believe in 'social promotions')and I had tutored him for several years in reading and math.

I haven't had much luck recalling my dreams the past few nights. I'm hoping to concentrate on this more and try again. I do recall being at a great football game! The score was 1764 to 1739 when I woke up!

Oh Lord, all my longing is known to you; my sighing is not hidden from you.
- Psalms 38:9 (NRSV)

I am not just a lifeless channel when I pray for others. In God's divine ecology, I too am being helped and healed. Devotion

Mother’s Day. Perhaps I am a terrible son, I didn't visit Mom or even give her the card I bought earlier in the week today.
All weekend: background work on RQ campaign. Got the Sundance. Showed off the apartment, pizza with a loved one. The car runs better than the Shadow, it stinks of antifreeze though.
Finished The Rape of the A*P*E*. Late for bed. Smoking a little, and good night.

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