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Yet another day without Everything Snapshot. What happened to Everything Snapshot since April 20, 2000?

I happily noticed Everything User Search sporting new features such as full node column, and C! column. Though The Management have yet to include ability to see rep on other users nodes that have been voted on.

Further updates to The write-up with the highest reputation, though I believe Datagirl's write-up is correctly shown as the highest.

13:30 EET

I signed the new contract today. The pay is laughable, but at least the job is somewhat interesting. And being unemployed in Finland would be far too mainstream for a cool underground dude like me. (it's sarcasm, folks)

What really pisses me off are the "technical difficulties" I have been experiencing all day. The network adapter seems to be having huge problems keeping the connection enabled, and the exact cause (as well as the cure) remains unknown. Furthermore, the CD-RW drive is also ceased to function.
After hours of tweaking, installing, uninstalling and rebooting, I'm ready to throw Windows 2000 into a deep lake or something. And this comes from a guy who usually doesn't spend his time whining about Bill Gates and the evil "M$" empire.

Oh well... It's just one of those days, I guess.
At least I get to finally watch The Abyss special edition DVD when I get home.

20:30 EET

There's no end to the hardware problems. My DVD-ROM drive had trouble with the Abyss DVD, so I decided to finally get a firmware upgrade for it.

I'm sure you can guess what happened.

Yep, the drive is dead. I think it is now safe to say the current day sucks ass.
Sometimes I wonder why I quit smoking. My job almost demands that I endure some kind of high to get me through my day to day operations and coffee just doesn't cut it.

Found a new beer which I really enjoy. Tommyknocker "Red Eye" Lager ( I was very impressed by this lager and tonight I plan on sampling some of their other brews.

::whew:: Everything is fine with the girlfriend now. I'll be sure not to put us in that position EVER again.

Things to do today:

  • Finish painting living room walls
  • Go to hardware store for paint for main bathroom
  • Go to Beer House Distributors Inc. and pick up some more Tommyknocker brew

  1. Someone apparently didn't like my barrel house node so they voted me down. That hurts.
  2. I feel the overwhelming need to break something and I'm not sure why
  3. ::moan:: Skyline chili for lunch. If only I could turn back time

Lady of silences

Calm and distressed

Torn and most whole

Rose of memory

Rose of forgetfulness

Exhausted and life-giving

Comfort in My Sorrow

While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them.
- Luke 24:15 (NRSV)

One of the messages I see in this beautiful passage is that the risen Lord knows my sorrow and walks with me in the midst of pain. I tell the whole story, healing comes, though it takes time.


Today I have done nothing that I should have.

I didn't get up early, as I had yesterday promised myself I would do, to work on the load of EE assignments that is due before week's end.

Come to think of it... the only productive thing I've done today is make the bed.

If there were a pill for motivation, it would bring a high price right about now.

nothing to remarkable happened today. Service Continues on the HERO 2000 robot. We fixed the torso drive motor, but it still kept trying to rotate untilit reached the end of it's range of motion. We eventually figured out why. After deciphering some diagrams, we figued out where the limit switch was, and why it wasn't tripping. It had been shattered. So, snipping the wires, we were able to short them to trick the cpu into thinking it had homed, and then put the manipulator arm into service mode (allowing for it's removal). This made it considerably easier to get to the base and turntable. And while we had it out anyway, we decided to install the floppy drive. I printed out a picture of EDB ( and taped it to a window. It's now performing a dual function as a guard borg. I had a debate with ym friend in math regarding who was better at servicing starship engines, Chewbacca or R2D2 (while on opposite sides of the room).

- / +

Tuesday. This morning I was cleaning the kitchen naked and Jamcracker jumped up and bit me on the ass. I would have thought it was damn funny, had I not been bleeding from the ass.

Heather and I have been good lately but NO MORE I tell you! She's come up with a bungholed idiotic new "system" (the quotation marks of scorn) where every employee has a "closing duty" to do at the end of the day and we have to REPORT to her and have her SIGN OFF on it before we can leave. Which amounts to me scrubbing down the nasty old kitchen as usual ever since Tiffani left, only now Heather gets to come inspect me and tell me I missed a spot and smirk. Motherfucker. She totally fucks her mom. I hope a scorpion claws its way up her cunt and never stops biting her. I was so mad I stole seven legos. I was seven-lego mad.

Will Smith threw himself full-length on the ground at my feet. Bruised his knees but wouldn't admit it. I'm still not going to "babysit" him, as he keeps asking. I'll pay you! I have my allowance! Dirty.

All day I think bad thoughts about my writing group. I don't want to go. We will be meeting in the bookstore I quit so rudely a few months ago. Do I really want to face those people? Can I do so without embarrassment or other bad things? It takes me all day to realize that I just plain don't want to go, for lots of reasons, and I don't go, dammit. I go to the park expecting to walk, but it's words that want to happen, and they do. A little sleep too. The robins live in this tree, and they never stop feeding their babies.

Morning came easy; I turned down the clock radio when I snoozed it. Usually a risky maneuver, but I woke up fine, with my son's feet propped up on my side. He sleeps seriously, no smiles unless he's dreaming. Then he giggles and talks.

I wash dishes for a about forty-five minutes, beginning the sink excavation that will continue for several more early mornings. I wish I could hire a bunch of those guys from Raiders of the Last Ark. I'd love to wake up to the crack of the whip and rhythmic chanting in my kitchen as a bunch of sweating egyptians went at my kitchen sink with shovels and pick axes.

My 1970 Volkswagen Bug was not low on oil as I suspected, which was good news. I need to change the il and adjust the valves, but my limited mechanical skills make that an all day job. It will have to wait at least another week.

Work began busy, which is good. Lighting off the plant causes the Engineering Department to stir and wriggle like yellow crazy ants. I just hope it goes smoother than last week. I'm tired of the CHENG's stare.

My lovely wife has a sore throat, complete with nasty puss pockets, and I have been abused thoroughly for not being able to take a full morning off from work so that she can go wait in line to see the doctor. I'm not really looking forward to the first thirty minutes when I get home. The kids are alwys happy to see me, but lovely wife usually takes her day out on my hide.

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