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When my SO went home last year for summer vacation, he called me up and told me he was feeling terribly strange: homesick, even though he was home from University. We had only been dating (or whatever) for three weeks or so, but I felt the same. Finally we realized: home is wherever we are together. I guess it's when you feel this way, rather than the simpler "fun is wherever..." or "rampaging lust is wherever..." that you know you've really got something.

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01:19 EET

After getting a haircut earlier, I decided to shave too. Not "the boys", just my beard. ;)
For most of you guys out there this is a normal daily routine. But for me it's a project. I usually let my beard grow wild until I start to get remarks ranging from polite to blunt from my friends. Richard D. James style, one might say. So when I do shave, it takes a good while. This is also because I'm not really comfortable with the idea of sharp metal against my skin, and I try to be extra careful.
But at least I got the job done, and don't look like Harry Knowles for a while.

Hmm, the people building a house next to ours are still working hard on the construction. 1AM on a friday night! They could really use a break, if you ask me. :)

There's something funny about noding while a plot-carrying segment of a hardcore porn film is on TV. Just listening to the skilled actors and actresses uttering their lines with such precision, dedication and passion...
Ok, I clearly need some sleep.
Sometimes, the storms hunt you

Virginia has the most insane weather in the spring. Being in the unfortunate (but exciting!) geographical location of smack dab in the part of the eastern shoreboard where fronts collide. Warm air from the gulf and down south comes up, while cool air from the north comes down. This makes for not boring weather. Today we had some sort of kickin storms. the weather guy on the local TV station was actually saying "I'm quite impressed with this storm, it's registering the highest rating we can dectect on our doppler screens!". A big mass of red (severe), with a smaller blob of purple (extreme) in the middle, a dot of black and white (good luck!), and my house. Which would have been cool, because I think lighting storms are really cool, except for one thing: Tornados. They have a nasty habit of killing you,while Lighting is fairly easy to protect yourself from. One never came after me, but there were confirmed reportsof them within the county and the county to the west, also, a funnel cloud just up the road. Oh, and golf ball sized hail too.

All very brief and over within the course of an hour and a half. Nature's great violent orgasm, I guess.

And my house is also crawling with slimy middle schoolers. Don't ask.
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Well, it's been a few days since the man with the ladder retrieved the tennis ball. It's done some light rain and some heavier rain. But nothing to compare with the 13th.

However, rain is running down the downpipe now, rather than down the wall - so we're feeling pretty relaxed and waiting for the next really heavy thunderstorm to see if the kitchen floods.

Oh yes - May 15, 2000 was actually far more complicated than I was first given to understand. I've updated the write-up.

Well, today I turn 18. I signed up for eTour (they require you be 18 to join) a few hours before I turned 18! Hah! :-P

It's interesting, just yesterday (the one year anniversary of The Phantom Menace) most people would have said I was 17 while actually I was about 17.997 but today I'm considered 18, even 9 hours before I really am. One infinitesimally amount of time separates when I'm 17 years old and 18 years old.
We is going to Golden Corral for brunch (you go just a bit before they change from the breakfast buffet to the lunch buffet and you get food from both!) and than babysitting some kids.
Hot dogs and chips for supper, cake for dessert.

(Notice how my day is focused around rants and food. When my mom had me keep a journal/diary for school [I homeschool] I'd always list what was for lunch each day, and sometimes nothing else, on slow days.

Update: I graduated from high school today, but nobody even told me until weeks later.
Waking up today was like falling into a giant vat of icy sludge. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you open your eyes and wonder where you are, who's clothes you're wearing, and why the room is still spinning in giant circles? Yeah, that was definitely me at about ten o'clock. Things got worse when I discovered where I was, who's clothes I was wearing, and why the room was spinning.

Last night was a random blip in my well-preserved maturity. I went and sat on a play structure in a park with a few friends, drinking our girly drinks and generally realizing the inherent wrongness of the situation. It was one of those little play-houses at the top of a slide, complete with roof, table and itsy bitsy chairs. Great fun. :) Then, as if summoned by our desire for entertainment, about twenty good-looking guys came and joined us after setting off a beautiful display of fireworks. We even made a little campfire with marshmallows (although we were quite drunk and it may have seemed a lot large than it really was). Awwww....good suburban fun...you just can't get any better than that!

Curses, foiled again!
The weather hasn't improved, so any outdoor activity with the cute-girls-on-standby is out of the question. Popular indoor spare-time activities include:
Not much of a choice. Back to work, which isn't that bad after all. I get to do shell scripts and listen to music, which I cannot do at home since I share an apartment with the Haters Of Sounds.
Mental note: Got to find me an apartment RSN.
It is nice working late hours though - the view of the setting sun from the top floor of the office is amazing to the point of looking unrealistically beautiful.
Music Report: Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Happy Birthday General Wesc !!

knarph Just wanted to let you know that Number Two Son got an A+ on his assignment...What events in the 90's would history most likely remember, using your nodes!

Howard Mumma works out with me at the gym twice a week. We've known each other for a little over a year and a half now. He's one of those unforgettable characters that catch my attention, a person well worth the while to take the time to get to know. Unexpected friendships that have been all too infrequent the last several years with illness and unable to go out in the real world. I've got quite a collection of them from over a half a lifetime and travels around the world. Some I've gotten to know well and others unfortunately only briefly, because of circumstance. To me they are much more the adventure in life than say the latest box office hit, not the mainstream in life, but more of a curiosity in how they think. It's one of the main reasons I love to teach. Figuring out why a student thinks in a particular way and then teaching to their way of thinking, finding those teachable moments, well to me that's real teaching

Howard though is one that I have learned more than a lesson from. We celebrated Howard's 90th birthday last June at the gym and he is quite the character! He'll hold on to my shoulder for balance sometimes (we both have terrible balance) and tell me 'Well this is GOOD music I feel like dancing!' I asked him does he still dance and he says he sure does....taught all my daughters to dance. You know when they were little they would come up and give me a great big hug and ask 'Daddy do you love me the most?' I told them 'I ordered boys!'
I laughed and told him 'Well God knew what you needed'
His reply: 'Young lady we're gonna have a discussion you and I, about God next week!'
Secretly I hoped he would, but he's a busy man and I know he's teasing:)

Howard holds degrees from Yale University and Yale Divinity School, and honorary doctorates from Ohio University and Salem College in West Virginia. He was ordained in the Methodist church in 1940 and most of his written works are theological and are (surprisingly to me) used in seminary schools of the Greek Orthodox Church. More recently he's signed a 20 year contract with a publishing house, yesterday I finally obtained his book Albert Camus and the Minister, which I hope he'll autograph for me. It's a genuine exchange between them over the deepest questions in life, conversations with Camus and his exploration of the Christian faith.

Jesus said: I am the God Shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.
- John 10:14 (NRSV)
Here are these rare people in my life and each one of them have a life of his or her own, things that make them human. Yet Jesus knows each one of them by name and blesses my life with their paths.


I saw a crippled bird dying in a junk heap today, down by the train station. We stared at eachother, while it stiffened, raising the soft underside of the wing for the last time. It seemed to petrify in those last seconds, as the dust settled. I scooped up the warm body, and dug a shallow grave in the dirt with a broken beer bottle. I covered it with small stones, a tiny cairn on a construction site. I figured a proper funeral was a fitting way to go for something that had died in our discard pile.

Watching its last small breaths, I was reminded of soap bubbles bursting in midflight--the way their rainbow sheen goes black and white just before they disappear.

While tlf was accurate in his observation of my metabolism's amazing ability to convert food into awakeness, the quality of awakeness leaves much to be desired.

Moral of the story: going on a hike after an all-nighter is a Bad Idea. Having dinner and dessert with everyone else having breakfast kept me going enough to put one foot in front of another, but not enough to keep me thinking about the differences between rocks, trees and cliff. At the end of the fifth hour I realized we were surrounded by trees.

I was lyric- and poem-noding this morning because I was too tired to articulate my state. That was twelve hours ago.

Sleep now.

My bike is busted. Boo hoo.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...


A saturday much like any other, except I was at work.

So I guess it wasn't much like saturday at all. I had about four hours off yesterday, and came back to work around midnight. As far as the workday was concerned, I stayed very busy all day. I did some paperwork, and then ordered about thirty thousand dollars worth of parts. Circuit breakers and transformers can be amazingly expensive stuff, and I'm not convinced that these are all of the thousand dollar hammer variety, either. I think the navy errs on the side of caution when it deals with 450 volt, 3,000 amp transformers, and I appreciate it. Better safe than sorry, and I'll gladly spend more of your money if it means I or my guys can live a little longer.
A saturday at work always sucks, but a sunny drive home can sometimes provide unexpected compensation.

Around four or five o'clock, I sped home in my beautiful volkswagen bug. As I pulled out of the shadow of downtown San Diego, the sun warmed my face and the wind blew my hair. I felt happy to be alive, and truly happy to be going home.
Of course, I still had to be back at 11:30.

OK, so it's going to be a long weekend.

rush home, no one ready, girls' Luau, dancing, boy plays with pennies, eat dinner, boy melts down & to bed he goes, play cpu trivial pursuit again, back to frickin work with arguments about the nature of love and sex on the way out.

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