Have had a stretch of great mood days which I'm understandably happy about. Went shopping with a friend and found some clothes that will potentially work for the new job. Still nervous about it, but excited too. Went to run errands because I felt like I should get out of the house. Could have gone to the library, went to the thrift store instead. Found a bag for my things that I'm not in love with from a textiles standpoint, Vera Bradley being very hit or miss for me, but on the trip over I discovered that one of my water bottles had tipped over inside my car so I bought the bag simply for the pockets that can handle water bottles. I have been shopping for a backpack with storage for water bottles for years without success, and this bag has them on the inside as well as both sides. Call me a happy camper, and nobody will mistake the hideous floral bag for theirs which I consider another perk of sorts.

I also found a wire basket, more on that in a moment, two round placemats that are plaid on one side, and floral on the other. I must be enjoying a floral motif today. Another find was an infinity scarf that is black with white polka dots on one side, and white with black polka dots on the other. It's not the best quality, but I just love it even though it ran when I washed it in the sink. In other news, I put a small table I had purchased for the bedroom near my bench that I use as a couch, and I put my new wire basket on top of that, and I can tell already that this is going to be an award winning setup so I am pumped about that (jazz hands). My new bedframe arrived, I did not purchase a mattress when I bought the frame, and now I'm glad I waited because it looks like the sizing will continue to be an issue.

Both beds are made, I vacuumed thoroughly, did some laundry, and apart from a few dishes in the sink, some clutter on the countertops, things are looking better around here. An aunt of mine called for more information about a restaurant that she and my other aunt were going to be dining at this evening. She said that she has been afraid to drive, we've known this for quite some time, but this time she said that what she really needs to do is go driving with me. Even though this will be a somewhat, I'm not sure what the word or phrase is, but it will be an experience, I'm glad that she is taking action, and secretly kind of pleased that she asked me since I know that this is a big deal for her. I tried to get some reading done in my books, and that was helpful too because now I have a list ready to go for tomorrow.



P.S. These organizational books are terrific, and even though I'm sometimes sad when I get rid of things that I later want, or end up needing, the majority of the time getting rid of it was the right call. Need to work on adding more socializing, exercising, paperwork, and reading to my schedule, according to one of these books those are the four areas that people with ADHD/ADD have the most trouble with, and I can really relate. But onward, and forward.


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