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Hmmm ... Today May 26, 2000, E2 seems to go forward one hour and is now in TZ +0100 instead of UTC. I hope nate or dbrown will make up their mind where E2 is virtually located.

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DMan's ginseng last longer than pukesick's mars bar.
Late meetings yesterday, so only noded 2 more chapters of a translation of the Quran last night.

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Today I was named director of the Long Haul area, and tomorrow the responsability of Project Goosefood. will come crashing down on my head. I think I am equipped for at most one of these things, but not for both.
People, this means that suddenly I have responsability ( and guilty feelings) for around fifteen people. That is a fscking big number for someone that does not have pets because he thinks that they are too much of a commitment right now.

The new and improved Lesser Kahuna has decided so. She must know what she is doing. I hope. I can already hear faraway drums, spelling trouble, as the People that have been left for a couple of week without leadership and a tear dump converge on me, suddenly cast in both roles.

Project Goosefood is ... I don't know, I will reserve judgment until I have spoken with the staff, and decided whether there is hope. A good concept, a poor implementation for now. Will this dude (me) be able to fix it ?

I've been contemplating volunteer work today, but my stupid worries about what others think about me makes me so afraid, paralyzed to the point that I don't have the courage to take that next step. I'll try but today I'll only ponder.

You are my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.
- Psalm 61:3 (NRSV)


oh the encouragement!
It made me laugh and cry... thank you...

lometa! do it do it do it! fears be damned! any opportunity to enrich your life should be embraced. it may help you overcome your fears by confronting them. i was almost always painfully shy and afraid to be around people. but my interest in martial arts was strong, and in following that persuit i have become more open to being approached and (finally!) approaching people on my own.

that's all for now, more in the morning.


i don't know if it was a dream, or something i actually saw on TLC last night... there was a show on about the fine art of imploding buildings. there was made mention of the implosion of a huge building in korea, a building that had been owned by Yong Sung Lee (who is the founder and grand master of hapmudo, the martial art i study). i'm pretty sure it was part of a dream...

i rode my bike to work today. it's a beautiful day, and i hope the weathermen were all wrong in predicting a dismally rainy memorial day weekend. i want to romp and play outside. i NEED to romp and play outside. it is essential to my sanity at this point.

most certainly traffic in all directions is going to suck today with everyone heading off to the beach. i am going to work until 5, meet the photographer at my house to have pictures of my doggie taken, then go to martial arts practice. that should last to about 8, and at that time traffic shouldn't be so horrendous on the trip to northern virginia to see my boyfriend.

there are only a few things i absolutely must accomplish this weekend:



the plans for this afternoon are as follows:

who knows what the weekend plans are... we tend to be spontaneous. we'll wake up and decide then, spur of the moment, what we are to do that day. i'm sure i'll summarize the activities come monday.

Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, my E2 friends!

14:26 EET

The customer is always right.
This rule can really be the proverbial pain in the ass sometimes, especially with total dumbass customers.
It's oh-so-fun to work hard on a project for weeks only to have the demands turned completely around, forcing you to start again from scratch. With a downright stupid idea to build on.
But there's no sense in whining. The only thing to do is to pucker up and kiss some hiney.

At least the weekend is right ahead. And believe me, I'm not going to spend it worrying about work issues!
Not that I would spend it partying either. Nor outside in the sun burning my skin off, like I did a week ago. BTW, the shedding of my face is almost complete!

Thankfully I remembered to grab my umbrella when leaving for work this morning. I had decided to walk home today and it's raining hard. I could really use the excercise, so mere drops of water won't be ably to spoil my walk.
After the trip home, I'll probably relax by the means of tibetian meditation. I recommend trying it out for everybody, it clears out the stress, tension and racing mind very nicely.

Anyway, a happy weekend to all the noders out there!
Just don't party too hard and pass out on a train, Ok? :)


Argh! I guess that the text "hot" in a salsa bottle stands for hot. The inside of my head is going to burn up worse than the outside did last weekend. Each tortilla chip dipped in this sauce is like a depth charge targeted at my mouth. But still tastes so good.

Walking home in the rain was great. I took a little detour through a park-style area just to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Track of the day:  Sarah Brightman - Hijo de la Luna

What a perfect day to be off work. It's about 70 degrees with almost perfect blue skies, plus I'm feeling much better than I did yesterday. I don't know if I should relax or try to get something accomplished on this fine day. I feel like going to Piatt Park to read for a while, however I also need to run a LOT of errands. In any case, I can't spend much time online, so I must go now.

Didn't make it to the park (Although I suppose there is still time if I REALLY wanted to go). I did, however, finish all of my errands and I still have a little time left over to relax before I have to pick up Erin. Not sure what's happening tonight but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Today, I have taken the last final exam of the semester. It was a ballroom dancing test, and I was nervous not just because of the whole test thing itself. It was not the fact that the President of the college was watching either. It was mostly because of the blonde woman who dances a lot with me. I saw her from a introductory history class in Fall, and I was thinking "why is she here?" Anyways, I danced with her because she's just there. We slipped a little, but we have gotten through hopefully with a passing grade. It's my nervousness that caused the little slips...

I talked to her after the final, and I asked her why does she want to dance with me. She said that she noticed that I am not so social in the history class, so she took it to herself to dance with me. I asked her if she's interested in going out with me, she said that she was 28 years old married and divorced. She said that I was sweet to ask (a few guys have asked her out). I asked if we could still hang out, and she said that she is taking summer classes, so she can (if I get back from North Carolina).

Why is it that I am always capable of being interested in women who are far from my... reach? Those were the days...

Uniquely inarticulate today. Ooga.


    the beauty of angry women! a braid (can't recall how long since last time...?) so casually granted I wasn't aware of it until its completion. foot touching. Decalogue start (computer as a false idol? Works for me!). Collaborative comic book back in my possession after forever and, like the Saragossa Manuscript, it's stopped splintering and is in fact beginning to reconsolidate with the base narrative.
    unexpectedly heard myself on the radio (what a way to wake up!). flaming coffee (literally - kaluha, grand marigner, brandy, controlled explosions and towers of flame from the insta-caramelized sugar), mole sauce too. the two most involved sins - thou shalt not kill and adultery, sleep on the carpet with two bodies and a window open. All that and Minusland!
tonight: E observations: I've received more negnvoting in the last three days than in, say, any given previous three-month period. Did I just start severely sucking, or have I suddenly acquired some enemies from somewhere? The latter sounds paranoid, but more often than not, it's hidden nodes that are being voted down.

It takes me about an hour to use up half of my votes. it usually takes me about 6 hours to use up all of them; I imagine the first 50% goes by so quickly because they get invested in the cream of new page of cool or cool archive entries. It's taken -this long- for patterns to emerge and observable? Then I may never grok the migration patterns of water buffalo...

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

Stressball. Spastic nervebag. Punched-in-the-stomach feeling. I've been eating little and enjoying it about the same.

Why do I have two Fall Guy lunchboxes on my fridge?

I rolled and packed up glasses today - martini, highball, etc. Now there is a fraction of the cupboard space taken up by the mugs, which are the only things we ever use, anyway. For your delight and amusement and in a pathetic attempt to chill out, I will list them here, now:

- Cisco, blue with flared rims
- Bay Networks, tall, blue (Fie! I hate Bay)
- Fore, tall, marbelized black
- a squat and wide DEFCON, black
- a squat and wide IBM Networking, black
- Fuck Decaf, black
- the Flightpath Coffee House, Austin TX, white. Has an airplane with coffee steaming from it.
- Hush Puppies, white, with the dog
- 4 Lucent mugs, black
- Tweety Bird, white. 'Grape Jelly Is My Favorite!'

I was telling a fellow noder IRL how 'everything was on sale' in this store I was in today. They said "How much is Nate selling it for?"

My eyes hurt.

Grape jelly is not my favorite.

I had to buy a dual card for my notebook this morning because 1) my first one broke 2) Dell has changed its "estimated" shipping date for the 3Com from 5/23 to an "estimated" date of 6/5 and 3) I can't use the one that I've been using anymore. I already have two Ethernet cards. It's damn hard to find just a 3Com modem card. All I find are the duals.

I'm going to sleep. I feel shitty.

I am recovering from my Birthday.

There was a meeting at 9am this morning. It was very important. I did not come to any state approximating wakefulness until 9:10am. At that time I was first delighted by the absence of a well-deserved hangover and then horrified to realize I was still drunk. I left a feeble message for my boss stating I was not feeling well... I think he knew this was going to happen.

Now it's a little after 1pm... And I've just gotten out of bed. Not really drunk... not really hung... I'm just full of aspirin and lots of liquids and a vague sort of helium sensation about my spinal column.

W. gave me bunches and bunches of gorgeous flowers at the restaurant - big crush on that boy... big unrequited crush. B. gave me a shirt that he correctly intuited would be very me. He also gave to me a small book - for my small thoughts before I put them in my big book. How sweet.

Ah well... I think I'll spare the account of all that alcohol and at what bars we imbibed. I do remember dancing with B. A.M. D. and W. ... I think I poured a bottle of water over my head.

Food would be a good idea now...


Just got done noding the entire Principia Discordia. I'm proud for having done it, but man am I glad to have it done. Some of the passages reminded me of why I've chosen to be Discordian, especially the part about salvation. If any of you good folks takes it upon yourselves to give it a look through and see if I blew any of the navigation links I would be most thankful.

Now I am off to nap and rest. Perhaps get a bit wobbly. Perhaps just head home. Tonight is the third night of my wife's birthday, and I think tonight we celebrate by spending some quiet time. Or that is the goal at least.


I managed to sleep fairly well, and didn't get woken up by workmen, because the workmen laying our new floor don't start at ungodly hours. I was awake by the time the doorbell rang. My sis didn't bother going to uni this morning, so the sound of her in the shower didn't wake me either.

By the time I actually got up, I just mooched for a while, attempting to tidy my room. While some things did find their way to the bin, it seems to be in more of a mess than before. Oh well..

As previously arranged, I met Rach in town this afternoon to try and find a birthday pressie for one of her friends. It wasn't particularly easy, since the two of them appear to have mutually exclusive tastes. But it was a sunny afternoon, and we both seemed to have a fairly good time.

I also stopped in at I&I, where I had a pseudo-interview. Looks like a nice place to work, and it's suitably geeky. Yay.. :)

This evening, while running to get the phone, a door got in my way, and whacked me on the shoulder. Quite painful. While it was my right arm, I don't have any exams next week, so no problems there, at least..

More packing today. The CDs are already packed but I'm doing my few remaining cassettes now. I have to find a box big enough for my CD changer, all of our boxes are small. I sold my Player's Handbook and DM's Guide to a friend, and gave my first four issues of Elfquest (which I never did get into) to another friend. I've given away a lot of things...I have a few drawings to send to Starrynight.

I started up the Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip node, along with a photo album at Zing.com (http://www.zing.com/album/?id=4294322403 --the password is "gowest"). T- 6 days.

I had a nice talk with Starrynight earlier, and on the phone with Kai last night. They've never met. It's amazing how few of my friends actually know each other, and a lot of them really should. Well, maybe at the huge Mathematical Millennium New Year's Eve party we plan to have, I can gather the clans, as it were.

I was a good girl and noded some Asian Studies-type stuff, namely Lei Feng, Lu Xun and Xi'an. Now I'm going to sleep, despite the occasional spooky noises from the possessed computer turning itself on and off.
The final working hours of friday always linger the longest.. a dying gasp of the work devil clinging to existance.

How was School?!?.. Well..
1st. Tought a class, the teacher had to leave that day, and knew the sub was probably clueless. I got out of English. Win-Win! Although, in the world of american high school, this is highly unorthodox, I would say. I suspect there is some bureaucrat somewhere unable to sleep tonight because of a "disturbance in the force".
Activity. outfit robot (HERO 2000) with pie tin and sign saying "please give money for oil." Drive around halls. Total collections: 79 cents, a stick of gum, 1 m&m.
2nd. Banged away on Visual Basic, pointless end of year busy work for C++ class. Half the school missing, no one wanted to do work.
4th. Returned to above mentioned teacher's classroom for regularly scheduled class time. Sub is missing, completely. No supervision, resist urge to burn down school (sarcasm dully noted), only 6 or so here today.. play cards for 90 minutes instead.
6th. Actually did something productive in math. Amazing.

Came home, played bunches of Jedi Knight. Finally downloaded gnutella and played with it. I find the search monitor function captivating. So, without further ado, here is your Gnutella Snapshot (5 most recent items when stopped the monitor with my eyes closed):
  • *.asf
  • herman
  • b52\\\'s
  • souht park mp3
  • *.mpeg
Realized I am more tired than had previously realized. As a result, this write up probably makes no sense and is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Please, Be Gentle.


(believe it, or not!)

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