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I got a card in the mail today, from a former co-worker.

No one stays at a massage spa for long…not many anyway. I’ve been at my place of business for a couple years, and I’m just about the last of the old guard. I’ve met some wonderful people there, it is a strange mix—we meet these people and we bond with them, and then they move on.

You know that cliché about someone who can light up the room with their smile? Well, that is L. She and I worked together for a little while…a long time in the world of massage, where therapists tend to flit from job to job like butterflies hovering across fields of flowers.

Clients who had been to her raved about her skill. When, after recovering from an illness, I went to her, I saw what they were raving about. Her skill at her chosen craft is impressive, almost amazing. I teased that I had never suspected her of being a massage wizard!

She is also a writer, and one of the few people outside E2 who took a real interest in my work. She would toss out references to things I’d written, or recognize them when I did. I found this touching. Even my closest friends don’t necessarily manage to read that much of my work.

She and I had a favourite sandwich shop, and when we could, one or the other of us would pick up lunch for the other. We compared notes on their food (she’d worked there, and was very knowledgeable on the best menu selections) and we watched as our customer loyalty cards (six punches buys you a free sandwich) filled up.

But change is life and life is change, and the only time we stand still is after we die. She and her husband had wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest for a long time, and with their first child in its way, it was time for them to make the move. They moved away while I was away on my English adventure, we managed to say goodbye electronically.

Today’s mail brought a card with many sweet words from her, and with it was a nice stack of customer loyalty cards for our favourite sandwich shop. Don’t ask me why, but it made me misty eyed, as I am getting just from typing this.

She and her husband will have many lovely years in a beautiful and mild part of this beautiful country, and their baby will grow up happy and loved…and a lot of Texans will miss their favourite therapist.

I sent her an email in response to her sweet card.

Hey L——!

Just got my card with all the cards inside! So sweet of you to think of me...it got me to reminiscing...

I really enjoyed our time together at Massage Envy...and I'll think back with great fondness of all the great and fun conversations we had. I hope life treats you and J——! (and the baby as well of course!) to all the most wonderful things that the world has to offer. I'll be keeping in touch, don't worry...you are to special to be forgotten!

Someday, when I get the chance to visit some friends who live up that way, we will meet again, of this I have no doubt!

*thousands of hugs from a sentimental old goofball!*
Your friend always,
Well, it's time to travel, gentle noders. I will be poking around Winnipeg, Canada for the next two weeks. I will do my best to pop on at least once each evening, so if you happen to be around, let me know and I'll buy you a coffee.

The good thing about E2 is it's always here, like an old friend greeting you when you pull in to your hometown after a year of traveling. There's a lot of folks I miss here, even more I miss because they're not here any longer, and some new faces I am happy to meet. And there's always the craziness that is the catbox.

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