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four old poems and two new words

n. the act of falling in love with the wrong person

I heard once you could eat roses,
when I was a kid, but to me
they just tasted like soap.

thin as a starved cat,
my aunt, eating almonds
"for her health."

i love you allen ginsberg
crackpot buddha
few spokes short of a prayer wheel

port cities are the freest cities
ideas float in like barrels of spice

n. the use of rare or foreign words to appear learned


A black rose is strewn

on the ground beneath tired feet

the petals are silk


Yellow tape binds

the scene from outside eyes

looks like murder

So I posted something under Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just after I got back from my viewing of said film. My write up was annihilated.
I understand. As Andrew Aguecheek said, it belonged in a daylog rather than under that node...

I've only done a few write ups in my time here, and I believe only one has actually lasted. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to here as far as putting my own work up. I just keep getting lost in this place and hours go by.
Oh well, I suppose I'll figure it out soon enough.

Today I had the most exciting parking experience of my young automotive career. Fortunately, it didn't have very much competition. Anyway, I was pulling into my up to the curb on a side street a few blocks from school as is my custom, since I don't want to pay for a parking permit, nor wake up early enough to beat the morning traffic jam that comes to a peak at the entrance to the parking lot. I had French music playing on the stereo--Une Dernière Danse, by KYO--as I maneuvered the old junker up to the curb. Then I heard a loud hissing noise. My first reaction was, "Oh shit, that's not the music, is it?"

I turned off the stereo, killed the engine, got out of the car, and, much to my chagrin, the hissing noise continued. My right front tire was audibly leaking, and fast. It had only been a few moments, but the tire gave when I nudged it with my foot. Rather distressing. It turns out that the curb in my beloved parking spot is in rather bad shape; the trees growing next to the side walk have spread their roots deep, and fractured the concrete curb, making it jut outward into the street at an odd angle. I'd noticed the pointy protrusion a few times before, but previously the worst that had happened was that I drove over it and bounced a little. No such luck this time. In my hurry to get to class, I accidentally left my keys in the ignition, a mistake I didn't catch for several hours. But it didn't matter. No one in their right mind would steal my car, and even if they did, it had a flat tire. Well, such is life. It wasn't as bad as the time that my tire (hmm...also the right front tire, now that I think about it) started to de-thread on the highway. I've had rather poor luck with tires on that car.

And now for something completely different: my science project (one of four) went very well today. This project was to construct an electric car that went exactly ten meters using a single D battery. My partner and I were the only ones in the class that elected to do this project. We used a stripped down toy dump truck. Our stopping method was to tape the battery down, and have two ten meter long wires connected from the battery to the motor--a stupidly large circuit. It's actually horribly, horribly inefficient, because that much wire significant resistance, meaning that the motor runs much slower. We also constructed a pull switch from paper clips so that the car would pull the switch and break the circuit at ten meters. Boring and crude, but foolproof. After several trials and subsequent adjustments, our car went exactly ten meters, earning us full points. And there was much rejoicing.

So last week I had some crazy scary hospital crap going down where they thought I had a kidney stone on top of everything else that is going on, and took CT and x-ray of my abdomen, and I had to wait until today to find out that oops, nope it isn't a kidney stone, but no they couldn't explain the blood in the urinalysis or whatever you call it, but hey I have to see my regular doc on Thursday anyway so just take it up with him. In the meantime, keep taking those pain meds and you'll be fine. (I HATE MEDICINE. I CANNOT SAY THIS WITH ENOUGH EMPHASIS.)


Also, fun fact, I lost 6 lbs in 3 days (probably due to my appetite going to almost nada. I'd probably have lost more had my husband not thrust food upon me now and again). I already had an appointment set for this Thursday for my doctor, so I'll just have to wait until then to talk to him about it. What's two more days, right? My MRI is scheduled for June 19th. In actuality that is pretty quick all things considered, so I will count my blessings.

A friend brought over a casserole today, god love her, so that I wouldn't have to try and figure something out that was quick and easy to feed the kids with. I put it in the oven to heat. When I tried to pull it out I burned my right index finger, because I'm still a bit shaky now and again. I didn't feel a fucking thing and didn't realize it was burnt until I looked down at the red welt sitting there staring me in the face. I put some aloe on it but I may just get a cute little burn scar.

I feel completely selfish making my complaints when there are people out there that have it much, much worse than I do. I count my blessings, one by one.

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