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Stir fry from spring garden

Picked right before dinner: sprouting broccoli, two stalks of green garlic (wertperch turned me on to using them green), handful of fava beans, large handful of asparagus.

Cooked the jasmine rice in our Instant Pot electric pressure cooker with chicken broth as liquid. Used two frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts (thawed in salt water ahead of time). Sautéed chicken (cubed) in wok (until just barely cooked) and set aside. Stir fried the garlic, coarsely chopped, (stems and some leaves). Next added in the asparagus, coarsely chopped, and the broccoli. Next I added a package of Bird's Eye Asian Veggies, 10.8 oz. (just something I had on hand). Now the chicken and juice from sautéing it is added and, finally, the fava beans. Tender new fava beans are chopped up shell and all and fuller ones are shelled and just the tender immature seeds are used. I'm really liking these. They are a very easy to grow veggie and they are very hardy.

The stir fry oil I use is avocado oil. I have only recently started using this and I'm hooked. You can really crank the heat with this due to its high flash point. It has mild to no flavor so it doesn't interfere with the flavors of the dish.

This turned out quite good. The sauce I used was Panda Express Sweet Chili Sauce and I cooked about three tablespoons into the stir fry right at the end of the cooking. Add to taste at serving time. And then, of course, I added a generous squirt of sriracha sauce to mine.

I just love being able to harvest fresh vegetables right before cooking dinner. It doesn't get much fresher than that!

The complete absence of any permanence in life is too apparent to me as of late. Nothing lasts, it is the only thing that stays the same. 

Long departed loves still somehow cloud my head and leave me to wonder when the next will join them. All of these jumbled thoughts crowding my mind.

I have no reason to think he will be the same - except that it seems inevitable. (Nothing lasts.. especially not the good things.)

This persistent lack of focus must be related. Isn't it?

Almost 40, somehow, and I can't imagine where the years went. I can't imagine how I got here without ever achieving any of the things I wanted to.

Most days I don't really see the point of anything.

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