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The first "victim-friendly surface-to-air missile" by the United States' military, conceived in 1999.


A British Rock band named after that missile, its music genre fortunately being undescribable. They would most probably be categorized as somewhere between punk rock and hard rock, their lyrics tend to be very experimental, senseless many people would say (an example is found at the bottom of the writeup). The band first formed when singer and guitarist Andy Falkous and drummer Mat Harding met in Cardiff/Wales in 1998. They named their band "Best", released a single called "Huwuno", then recruited bassist Jon Chapple and renamed themselves to McLusky (which letters are shifted or the way to pronounce this are unknown to me).

On November 27, 2000 they released their debut album with the melodious title "my pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours" on the local label Fuzzbox (it was re-released on Too Pure due to its popularity in 2003). After having some success with the release they switched to Too Pure records who sent them to Chicago to record their second album, "McLusky do Dallas" with Steve Albini as a producer, it was released in 2002 including the earlier singles "To hell with good intentions" and "Lightsabre cocksucking Blues". After excessive touring through Europe and the United States they released two singles in the United Kingdom, "There ain't no fool in Ferguson" and "Undress for success". After the release, drummer Mat Harding left the band and was replaced by Jack Egglestone.

Their third album, "The difference between me and you is that I'm not on fire", again produced by Steve Albini, was released on May 18, 2004.

Album releases

My pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours (2000)

  1. Joy
  2. Friends stoning friends
  3. Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction
  4. Rice is nice
  5. Flysmoke
  6. Rock vs single parents
  7. She come in pieces
  8. (Sometimes) I have to concentrate
  9. When they come tell them no
  10. You are my sun
  11. Rods on crutches
  12. Problems posing as solutions
  13. Mi-o-mai
  14. Medium is the message
  15. World Cup Drumming
  16. Bonus track at the end of #15: Evil Frankie

McLusky do Dallas (2002)

  1. Lightsabre cocksucking Blues
  2. No New Wave no fun
  3. Collagen Rock
  4. What we've learned
  5. Day of the deadringers
  6. Dethink to survive
  7. Fuck this band
  8. To hell with good intentions
  9. Clique application form
  10. The world loves us and is our bitch
  11. Alan is a cowboy killer
  12. Gareth Brown says
  13. Chases
  14. Whoyouknow

The difference between me and you is that I'm not on fire (2004)

  1. Without msg I am nothing
  2. That man will not hang
  3. She will only bring you happiness
  4. kkkitchens, what were you thinking?
  5. Your children are waiting for you to die
  6. Icarus Smicarus
  7. Slay!
  8. You should be ashamed, Seamus
  9. Lucky Jim
  10. Forget about him, I'm mint
  11. 1956 and all that
  12. Falco vs the young canoeist
  13. Support systems

Here is an example for how McLusky lyrics might look like. Even if you can't take anything up with the text, their music is really good and the lyrics simply fit to it.

McLusky - McLusky do Dallas (2002) - 6 - Dethink to survive

Secret fuhrers got your tongue and bitches got your car
And if it wasn't for the '86 world cup it wouldn't have got this far
But she was un in de in re contrary pissed but almost right
And if it wasn't for the snakes in cumberbunds it would happen every night
Dethink to survive (x4)

Cartoon monkeys got you hard, it must have been the hair
Though jive bunny stole your creative fire you really didn't care
But she was un in re in de decided happy killing time
But there's an eight per cent chance that you know Charles Dance and you're no damn friend of mine
Dethink to survive (x4)

Danny Baker (x8)

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