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A bar in near Cooper Union and St. Marks street. It is reported to be the oldest bar still standing in Manhattan and was originally owned by a woman. The beers are $1.50 and come in two varieties light and dark. There are a few different types of pub food available, but the standard McSorley sandwich is the favorite of most patrons. There are also two cats which have somehow survived in the bar for many years.

A survival tip: In order to be seated at McSorley's, you'll need to bribe the maitre d'. The core staff of this bar also apparently has problems with folks of darker skin, so beware (yes, this is from personal experience, and no, I wasn't drunk or being obnoxious). This fact, I find, is usually not denied but simply avoided by all McSorley's fans with whom I've discussed the pub. I completely understand that if it's your favorite bar, and it doesn't apply to you, you might want to turn a blind eye; however, I feel I should warn those who might venture in to the establishment seeking a bit of fun and a tasty draught (they are) that there are issues to be aware of.

The cats just rock, however, and make wonderful lap-warming purrboxes to entertain you while you're drinking.

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