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Me and Edith Head is an Eisner nominated mini-comic about a young teenage girl named Katrina Lansdale. She dreams of being cast as Titania in A Midsummer's Night Dream but ends up as costume designer. The man in charge of the production gives her some books by Edith Head, a woman who has won eight Oscars for her costume design. Using these books as a guide, she throws herself into her work, weathering the storm of her parents' divorce and eventually, gaining self confidence so that even those who used to scorn her, start to look up to her.

This 16 page comic is the kind of subtle, small story that many people outside of comics fandom would not have heard about as all the focus seems to be on super hero books, and in 2002, nostalgia properties like Transformers. It is drawn bySteve Lieber,who draws Batman in Detective Comics monthly, and has won an Eisner for his book White Out. It is written by Sara Ryan, a YA writer whose book Empress of the World was an ALA/YALSA Best Book for young adults. They have a web site, www.unrewarding.com.

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