Meat Cove is the northernmost human settlement of Nova Scotia, Canada, and boasts a population of only a few families. Most of these families had at least one member involved in the construction of a boardwalk around the town's humble tourist information center in the summer of 2004. The single winding and treacherous dirt road which connects the town to the more populous Dingwall (along the Cabot Trail) necessitates the use of snowmobiles in winter. This road can be quite dangerous, as it is carved into the cliffs of Cape North that border the Atlantic Ocean. Stong winds and falling rocks are among the hazards of visiting this small coastal community. However, it is precisely this quaint, rural environment which attracts the more adventurous tourists to the peaceful arms of Meat Cove, where they may picnic in the too-green lawns or push off into the waves in rented kayaks.

The town offers two choices for visitors seeking accomodations:

  1. Meat Cove Lodge (Information as of April 8th, 2005):
  2. Meat Cove Campground (Information as of November 7th, 2003):


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