A really good Playstation game, written by Dreamworks Interactive (a company owned by Steven Spielberg), and published by Electronic Arts.

A very successful title, it is a FPS (First Person Shooter) where you are an American undercover agent in World War II, fighting the Nazis in Germany and France.

Features lots of killing, several good weapons (mostly ideas 'borrowed' from earlier FPS games, e.g. the sniper rifle, bazooka, etc), some fairly nifty programming techniques (nifty for the Playstation, that is), great in-game speech and music, and a nice dose of humour (see the in-game joke movie 'Conversational German For The American Soldier'.. sample; "Excuse me Sir, you seem to have forgotten your grenade!")

Highly entertaining - one of the few video games I've bothered to spend much time playing recently - and a very very good thing to while away the hours while your SO is hogging your computer noding and forgetting to speak to you. A sequel (imaginatively titled 'Medal Of Honor II' is out soon).

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