Medical Director is a software program designed by a software company of the same name (which has recently been bought by Health Communication network ltd).

The program was written in 1992 by Dr Frank Pyefinch in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia. The software was revolutionary as it was the first program that allowed doctors to produce electronically formatted scripts. It also included a drug database of all PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) listed medications at the time.

In 2002 the software has over 90% of the market share (clinical software packages) in Australia and has approximately 15,000 users after basically destroying it's nearest rival - Mims Script.

After HCN's acquisition of Medical Director the program has been modified to link other HCN software products such as Pracsoft (billing / appointments) and Scribes (specialist medical imaging) this creating greater market share for the company in those areas as well.

The program itself is released in quarterly updates (February, May, August and November). These distributions contain program updates and Current drug databases (essential for correct prescribing information). The current version is Medical Director for Windows 2.72 (Nov 2003).

Program features:

  • Script writing
  • Pathology/Radiology requests and results
  • A letter writer module (cut down word processor) for patient referral letters etc
  • Document scanning for X-rays, photos, letters etc
  • ECG/Spirometer recording (for cardiovascular/respiratory measurements)
  • Full drug database with product information
  • Patient information leaflets/Nutritional information leaflets.

Currently the program is only marketed and sold in Australia (also has a small number of clients in new Zealand) with no present plans to expand and a focus on improved integration with other HCN products.

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