One of those films which isn't all that long, and on one level is full of amazing ideas, but leaves you bored out of your arse.

It is about the early life of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, the mystic founder of the Gurdjieff movement. It is full of strange Sufist philosophy, as the hero travels around Asia and Africa meeting the "Remarkable Men" in question and chatting with them about weird mystical things. It held my attention for a surprisingly long period of time, had an embarrassing ending as Gurdjieff settled down in some ancient cult somewhere in the Asia Minor, but left me with a pain up the arse as I realised how stupid and conceited it all was.

I'd recommend the film to no-one who isn't an obsessive philosopher, and even if you are one, remember to take it with a basket full of salt. The first twenty minutes or so of the film aren't all that bad, but it gets more and more random as it goes along, and the philosophy more convoluted as it develops. Just remember to splash cold water on your face when you're through.

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