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A three-part anime OAV series that is widely regarded as one of the first OAVs and a classic of the mecha/cyberpunk genre.

Although the Megazone OAVs are numbered Parts One, Two, and Three, they were actually entirely separate productions, related but released several years apart (like the first Star Wars trilogy).

Noteworthy in the Megazone 23 series were its portrayal of real-life products, such as McDonald's restaurants, Heineken and Budweiser beer, the Hard Rock Cafe, and a Silverhawks pinball game. Also noteworthy was the idol singer Tokimatsuri Eve, the only character to be (recognizeably) featured in all three OAVs.

In Part One (aka just plain Megazone 23), a Tokyo teen named Yahagi Shogo (inexplicably changed to "Johnny Winter" in the Carl Macek dub) comes into posession of a huge red motorcycle called variously the Garland, Garand, or Bahamode depending on what source you listen to, and is chased all over town by the military and government agents who want to get it back for their own nefarious purposes. In the meantime, there is a war going on with a hostile alien force, and the city of Tokyo is not all that it appears to be...

This OAV was redubbed and edited into part of the spectacularly unsuccessful Robotech cinematic movie, and has more recently been released to DVD by Streamline Video.

Part Two picks up where the first part left off, but with character designs and animation style so dramatically altered that it is difficult to believe they are the same characters. This OAV follows the decline and final fall of Tokyo as an ancient weapon of last resort comes into play.

Part Three picks up decades or centuries later, with a new generation of rebellious teenager and new Garland battle bikes piloted by virtual reality. It is somewhat difficult to understand the storyline of this part, as no English version was ever made, but it seems that mankind did not learn its lesson from the Megazones' past.

The third Megazone 23 was not terribly successful, and no further episodes have been made to date.

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