Music knows no barriers. Not even barriers of language, and this album is aural proof. I don't understand Punjabi - but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying this groove feast for weeks now. why, I'm even writing a review without having a faintest idea of the lyrics. that's a first, atleast for me.

Mehsopuria is a Bhangra artist. His self titled debut album was the chart topper both in India and in the UK Garage circles.

Things you never knew about Mehsopuria, and never dared to ask -

  • Slick world-class production, second to no one. This guy does his own song writing, compostion, production and videos. what we get is an entirely new sound of bhangra.

  • Groove. Dancebility. Energy.

  • Killer Basslines with extra Subwoofer cholestrol - You feel, but don't notice the bass until it's making you shake it in the club.

  • (Only if you must,) you can classify him as Hip Hop. gee, I began that sentence with a parenthesis.

  • A feeling of euphoria (no, that's not where his name comes from) and happiness permeates the songs. Should be a nice change for the I'm 15 and I know it all because Marilyn Manson is god and he told me types.

  • The name Mehsopuria represents his ancestral village Mehsumpur in Punjab, India.

  • Learnt classical singing since a young age, and it shows. In 1998, decided to make bhangra singing his full time occupation.

  • Physically, this guy is small and thin; but not ugly. On TV, he appears as a self-confident fun loving type, and a completely likeable person. Intelligent and funny. Doesn't mince words. (yeah, I deduced all that by watching a 10 minute TV interview. now, where the fuck is watson?)

  • Fact, not forecast - You will hear more about him in the future. <---(period)

  • Latest buzz - a collaboration with the black eyed peas is in the works.

An import equipped with military standard subwoofers churning out illegal decibels of Mehsopuria.
You are now the hottest thing in town.

Now, for a formal review...


If you're a bhangra fan, you probably already have this disc, so this sentence is entirely redundant. If you're not a bhangra fan, you are guranteed to enjoy atleast one track on this disc. If you don't know what bhangra is, this is a great introduction. If you don't know what bhangra is and don't give a fuck, please retreat back to your shell.

tracks to watch out for - 1, 3 and 10.


  1. Ranglay Punjab Diyaan - Producer Mehsopuria
  2. Mahi Ft Shanikah - Produce Khiza.
  3. Tumka II - Producer Kam Frantic & Mehsopuria
  4. Dil Sada - Producer Illegal Demo
  5. Lak Tera - Producer 2-Dark
  6. Punoo Haniya - Producer Kam Frantic
  7. Saadi Jaan Patlo - Producer Aman Hayer
  8. Gabhru Ft G.C - Producer 2-Dark
  9. Chanjur Da Shankara -Producer Tom Lowry
  10. Heeray Na Jaa - Producer 2-Dark

Artist: Mehsopuria
Type: Punjabi/Bhangra
Label: Suga Kane (Pranay) Records
Released: January, 2004

I know, this does not seem like a node for the ages. but as some of you might know, a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.

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