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Melian was one of the Maiar that served Estë and Vána. In Valinor she spent most of her time in the gardens tending to trees. She journeyed to Middle-Earth, and in a secret woods of Beleriand, she came upon Eru Thingol, king of the Teleri elves. They fell in love, and through the enchantment of Melian, they were kept hidden from the Teleri. Many of his people stayed behind to search for him and they stayed and became the Sindar.

When they finally came forth, they created the kingdom of Doriath. Melian used her powers to protect the kingdom, most famous of these was the 'Girdle of Melian' which allowed into Doriath only those Melian wished. She had a child, the only child of the Maiar and elf, who was the beautiful Lúthien Tinúviel. After Thingol was slain by treacherous dwarves, she returned to Valinor.

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