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Melon Dezign

Officially Melon Dezign, but regularly referred to as Melon Design, or just Melon.

Their roots lie in the Amiga Demo Scene, where they were the first group to include proper design values into computer demos.

Before Melon entered the scene in the early 90s, demos were a means for showing off elite coding skills, music and graphics. Very little design went into them, and each piece of coding was in a separate section, which were either picked from a menu, or simply ran in sequence.... "Now for the shadebobs... now here's a glenz vector... now some stars. Wow! Look how many there are!". Some demos had a single music track running throughout, but many had an individual track for each screen.

What Melon brought to the scene was a feeling of continuity and transition. Colourschemes were chosen to flow throughout the different scenes. The contemporary dark industrial style of graphics were thrown out in favour of primary colours and pastels. It may not sound much in today's design-led world, but backgrounds were no longer black! They may even be two colours!

Small, but significant transition effects were used to hold the demos together. For example, their much-copied logo (a simple black and white affair) would be in the bottom corner of the screen. Between scenes, it may spin and zoom around the screen only to settle in a different corner ready for the next effect.

It was these touches along with excellent music from Audiomonster and TDK (Mark Knight) which really made Melon Dezign stand out from the rest.

They now produce Shockwave and Flash animations, and have, to their credit produced animation for the official Beatles website (thebeatles.com).

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