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Related to the Memorex MPD8505CP, this portable device plays both ordinary CDs and MP3 CD-R/CD-RW discs.

Some changes have appeared in this latest incarnation (as of late 2001), mainly cosmetic. It's now available in metallic blue and lavender as well as plain white. It does not have a DBBS button, as its predecessor did, but it does sound amazing.

Since it's a low-end model (I bought mine at Target for $59, on sale), it doesn't include anything except a standard pair of cheap headphones (although the earpieces swivel somewhat to accommodate various heads -- a nice touch).

A car kit can be difficult to find. The Memorex web site requires Java to even navigate out of the front page, and when I eventually found their accessories page, it didn't list anything of use.

What you want is a Radio Shack Adaptaplug, size H, and either their 4.5V cigarette lighter adapter or their multi-voltage wall adapter. (I've got both, for the car and for the office.) Unfortunately, the Adaptaplug tends to slip out of place now and then (the shaft just isn't long enough, I guess).

Still, the price is right, and it takes up almost no room. I've been burning MP3s onto CD-R for a while now, and I'm happy to say that this player finally lets me listen to nice calming music even when my computer crashes. That, by itself, may be the best reason to buy one of these.

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