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This is my favorite A-Ha album:

1. Dark Is The Night For All
This song tells of the alienation that one feels when taken out of the comforts from life such as a meal everyday and a warm bed to sleep in. It made me think about the way that homeless people must feel. It made me grateful for all the things I have in life.

2. Move To Memphis
This songs tells of the feeling of losing everything close to you. The songs depicts the story of a girl who has to leave her school, friends, and boyfriend because her father found a job in Memphis.

3. Cold As Stone
This songs tells of the relationship between two people. Although one may be in a loving relationship, both people may not be expressing that love to each other. "Cold As Stone" describes the person who does not express that love through the eyes of the person that does express that love.

4. Angel In The Snow
This song tells of the feeling of idealistic love. The singer in the song sees an angel in the snow and thinks about the perfect girl for him. He delves into the idea that maybe there is nobody out there for him and in the end his perfect mate would be an angel.

5. Locust
This song seems out of place. The song tells of a relationship where one of the persons involved acts like poison to his soul. I don't really like this song

6. Lie Down In Darkness
This song is a funny song. It tells of the weird and wacky stuff that comes to one's mind during the night, such as naked girls, cars, and even the living dead.

7. How Sweet It Was
This sing tells of the meal at a breakfast. I think this was just put in as filler. It really has no content, and would would want to listen about someone eating their breakfast?

8. Lamb To The Slaughter
This song tells of the dangers of nuclear weapons. It appears to be a song advocating anti-nuclear weapons. This song shares similarities with 99 Red Balloons by Nena.

9. Between Your Mama And Yourself
This song tells of the emotional bond between a son and his mother and how that bond is still strong after the mother's death. This song makes me cry sometimes because it reminds me about my own mother.

10. Memorial Beach
This is a party song. It is very similar to Take On Me, but some parts of the song are drowned out. I'm not sure if this was intentional or an error. Either way, this song just copies Take On Me.

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