A pop-synth-rock band from the eighties who produced amazingly catchy songs. They are most famous for their hit The Safety Dance (1983), which hit number 3 on the charts at one point. The band was founded by Montreal brothers Ivan and Stefan Doruschuk. Ivan wrote most of the songs and sang lead vocals, while Stefan played bass and guitar. The other band members fluctuated throughout the band's career, and included:

Jeremie Arrobas - Drums, Electronics
Tracy Howe - Guitars
Roman Martyn -Guitars
Lysanne Thibodeau - Backing Vocals, Electronics
Colin Doroschuk - Keyboards
Allan McCarthy - Electronics, Piano, Percussion
Lenny Pinkas

Their albums were:

Folk of the 80's (1980)
Rhythm Of Youth (1982)
Folk Of The 80's Part III (1984)
Pop Goes The World (1987)
Adventures Of Women & Men Without Hate In The 21st Century (1989)
Sideways (1991)
..plus many singles, including Freeways.
Ivan also released a solo album in 1997.

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