My response to the nodesheller: Who says women want to?

Me, I download naked men from wherever I can find them (often gay male sites), the occasional naked woman if something about the picture works for me, and am just as satisfied as any male porn-surfer with my finds.

Such women as get off on being worshipped (pretty few, considering most female-worshippers refuse to see women as actual everyday people) can go to the female-dominant/male-submissive BDSM sites to get their kicks, anyway, so there's no point in "Ha ha!"

In response to f1r3br4nd's words below, "What I've observed women crave in general is attention, whether or not they know and/or admit it." -- most of the guys I've been involved with craved attention immensely too. My first boyfriend got insulted once when I happened to be folding laundry while he was in my dorm room; another guy was angry when I dared to read a book he had recommended to me while I was in our shared living room with him there.

If women crave attention more, it's only because men usually already get attention when they're in a relationship; most women have been trained to pay more attention to people than most men do.

Oops, I made a generalization and the standard disclaimers didn't fit into the nodeshell format, so inevitably, here comes the 'me too' gambit. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. Congratulations, you are an exception. Now then, since puberty I've been trying to crack the question of what women in general actually crave from men in the same way that men in general crave sex from women. I've learned to ignore what people say about themselves. Actions speak louder than words. What I've observed women crave in general is attention, whether or not they know and/or admit it. And there isn't anything wrong with that. Its no better and no worse than what I crave.

Perhaps this is just my experience, but there it is. It might be worth noting, though, that there are sides to both men and women that each of us has seen that the other hasn't because we are different sexes, and that does influence how people behave around us.

...and yes, the nodesheller is I. :-P

For the record, women (or men) can download a man worshipping them ... well, sorta. (How much worship can you possibly expect to get out of a download, anyway?)

If you go to the Brawny Paper Towels site, you can find a Flash-based feature called "Innocent Escapes". At this site, you will be greeted by the Brawny Man:

"I'm glad you're here. I was hoping we could spend some time together. Just let me know what you want to do by clicking on one of those menus there. If you choose 'pre-made', I'll take care of everything. And with 'custom-made', I'll kind of let you call the shots. Whatever you want, I mean, that's what I'm here for."

In the video assemblies you create at Innocent Escapes, you enter the rustic cabin of the endlessly handy, sensitive, attentive, encouraging, husky-voiced Brawny Man. He has a romantic fire going, asks you to come in and sit down, and offers you things such as virtual homemade dessert, hot cocoa with marshmallows, sweet nothings, foot rubs, and guitar serenades. He'll show you his paintings, his pottery, his pet pony. (But not, you know, anything else that starts with "p".)

He's been thinking about you. He wants to know how your day's been going. He wants to let you know that it's okay to feel lonely; he's here for you. He thinks your hair is perfect.

And he's incredibly sympathetic about That Thing You're Going Through: "Sometimes, when I'm having a hard time, and I need something to make me feel better ... I saw wood. Come saw some wood with me. Just relax your shoulders, and let the saw do the work. You're great at this! You feel better? I feel better, too."

The site is well aware of its own cheese content, and is pretty amusing overall. The opening shot of the cabin with its accompanying music comes off as a sly homage to the opening of Twin Peaks. I'd rate it as one of the better examples of viral marketing I've seen in a while, because of course the Brawny Man is using paper towels to clean up after art projects or to mop his brow after a hard day of sawing wood and building foot bridges.

You can visit the site at:

The Brawny Man may be disconcerting to those not familiar with American-style gender conventions. Siobhan, for instance, reports she was creeped out, whereas princess loulou and grundoon found the whole thing great fun and Transitional Man reports he nearly broke a rib laughing. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

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