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Mentok the Mind-Taker is a character on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law", a hilarious legal drama that uses old Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters as defendants. Mentok originally appeared as a villain in the 1967 action cartoon series Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, from which Harvey Birdman himself originates.

When Fred Flintstone went on trial as a Mafia don, a witty spoof of the Sopranos, the regular series judge character, Hiram Mightor, disappeared under suspicious circumstances. His replacement was Judge Mentok, insane mentalist and trial judge all in one.

Green skinned and pointy eared, Mentok sports a stylish purple outfit, accented with a small yellow M in the middle of his widows peak. Yellow eyed, and wearing half a black goatee, he is a classic 60s cartoon villain, right down to the limited use of primary colors in his outfit. What really makes Mentok hilarious is his self indulgent rambling.

Voiced by John Micheal Higgins, Mentok is a smug, frenetic, and completely mad supervillain stereotype. More of an egomaniac than a megalomaniac, Mentok is desperate to impress others with demonstrations of his mental powers. He continually makes grand self referential statements and has habit of repeating his name loudly and often. He even wiggles his fingers and goes "OOOOWWEEEEEOOOOO!", imitating a theremin to reinforce the creepy power of his mind. Mentok often floats cross-legged to the stand, and bangs the gavel with telekinesis. He also makes cryptic references to future events, and loudly gloats when they come true. Crazy insecure Mentok is the reason to watch the show in my opinion.

The completely quotable Mentok the Mindtaker.

"I am MENTOK the Mindtaker!"

"You must TAKE the mind!"

"Ha! I knew you were going to say that!"

"I'm not feeling the love!"

"Mentok wills it so!"

"Those guys over there, they're gonna lose this one. Pretty sure of it. No, I know it."

"Listen, I already know BECAUSE I'M MENTOK THE MIND...that you're not doing anything tonight. But, are you doing anything tonight? "

"We don't ask, we don't lease, we don't rent, we don't buy, WE TAKE THE MINDS!"

"See? That's not asking, that's TAKING!"

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