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An island, in Lake Washington, right next to Seattle, I-90 runs across it, far too rich for its own good, and Paul Allen, the more-evil-than-Bill-but-hides-it-better man, lives here.

It is definately far too rich for its own good. I worked as a cameraman there for the Mercer Island High School Homecoming dance. The parking lot at the school was filled with BMWs and Lexuses. But even though I detest small little yuppee towns like Mercer Island, Washington, it does have a very nice view of [Seattle and the mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest. Let's just say I was happy to get back to Seattle where the police won't pull you over simly for doing a California stop at a stop sign, or for missing a tail light. Damn suburbs.

There's a popular cycling route around Mercer Island. The road that goes around it, Mercer Way, I think, is twisty and doesn't have too many cars. Which makes it popular with the road biking crowd.

As it's connected to the mainland by the I-90, Mercer Island is a required component of bike rides around the north or south halves of Lake Washington. (I-90 Bridge has a convenient bike lane that the stupid I-520 Bridge doesnt.)

They also have garage sales with good stuff.

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