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Are we but merely shadows as the great philosophers state we are? Projections cast upon the wall by fire, light, or even that of the whole burning in our souls? If we are merely the shadows, then what cast the light? Is it God who lay in our source? And if God be the fire from which we come, then who be the object in which we eminate from? Even Jesus was created after the first of us. What objects stand in the way of the fire and the wall to make our empty forms? Do the Angel's above or the Demon's below define the nature of these empty shadows?

God did not set forth the religion that we seek for our binding power. God is our fire and we are that of him. Man created a game of life. Religion is a rich man's game, philosphy a poor man's, and the working class has the grandest of them all; survival. As far ahead we think we are in those games, however, in the end we inevitably lose. Perhaps by then we will find the correct questions to ask of life and ourselves. Untill then, may we enjoy the game and learn something from it for we are not merely shadows, but the light and surface as well.

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