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Mermaid's Gaze is a gothic horror manga by Rumiko Takahashi. It follows the two main immortal characters, Yuta and Mana, from the first two volumes, Mermaid Forest and Mermaid's Scar. Of the three volumes, Mermaid's Gaze is the shortest of the three and only contains two stories.

Yuta and Mana became immortal by eating the flesh of a mermaid. The flesh is a strong medicine that can grant a man immortality, kill them instantly, or turn them into a creature called a "lost soul."

The first story is the title story, Mermaid's Gaze. Once again Yuta's past catches up with him in the present. A mansion has a man that keeps on returning to it after being killed. A mansion in which Yuta had worked at for awhile. The man that keeps on returning is also similar to a man he knew around the 1900s. The man looks exactly the same, except he was missing his left eye. And he keeps coming to the manor asking for a doll..

The second story is called Mermaid's Mask. Yuta and Mana stumble upon a boy who uses a "medicine" to quickly heal his wounds. They find even more strangeness upon finding out about a kidnapping.. or a fight over the custody of the boy?

Hey, will I see you again?
Maybe. But when you're grown up... we may not recognize you. But you'll recognize us.
-Nanao and Yuta

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