Billy Bragg and Wilco’s follow-up album to Mermaid Avenue, where they once again set Woody Guthrie's unrecorded lyrics to their own music. It was released in 2000, and featured Natalie Merchant on track 5. While the first volume was a huge critical success and made many “best of 1998” lists, the second edition did not fare as well.

Track Listing

  1. Airline To Heaven
  2. My Flying Saucer
  3. Feed Of Man
  4. Hot Rod Hotel
  5. I Was Born
  6. Secret Of The Sea
  7. Stetson Kennedy
  8. Remember The Mountain Bed
  9. Blood of The Lamb
  10. Against Th' Law
  11. All You Fascists
  12. Joe Dimaggio Done It Again
  13. Meanest Man
  14. Black Wind Blowing
  15. Someday Some Morning Sometime

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