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This thesaurus was published in Springfield, MA by Merriam-Webster in 1984. The 1993 edition was listed in BIP at $22.95.

The format is a 1 volume print source. It’s purpose is provide synonyms, but with emphasis on discriminations among synonyms.

This book has 17,000 illustrative quotations that are given from classical and contemporary sources. It is an alphabetical listing with many cross-references. Most words have “ana” in the entry, which means “analogous.” Analogous means “near synonym.” Most entries also have “con” which means” contrasted words” which is “near antonyms.” The book is alphabetically arranged, with an asterisk before a word in the definition meaning there is an entry for that word as well.

The intended audience is Junior high, high school, college, and adults. In other words, anyone a teenager or older could find this book very useful.

LCSH: English Language—Synonyms

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