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A Commodore 64 game, by Electric Harem, released in end of 2000.

It's a side-scrolling Arcade/Action/Adventure game, set into some semi-murky version of future.

The main character of the game is called Goat, and he's a Metal band member. One fateful weekend, they go drinking booze to a cabin in the woods, then all of sudden, government helicopters come and blow the place up and army arrests the other members of the band.

So, the adventure starts...

It's rare to see games like this in 2000s; The game is well made, music is atmospheric enough, graphics are pretty good... and it's for Commodore 64! If you need to escape for a while to the glorious past, I can only recommend this game.


Code and graphics
Lasse "Cadaver" Öörni
Harri "Crow" Ahola
Juha "Warlord" Jaakkola
Antti "Aeuk" Kivilahti
The Dutch Neomancia
Anders "Amano" Pettersson
Martti "Necrotum" Pärssinen
Teemu "Temuz" Riihonen
Ulrik "Hybrido" Ronnovius
Lasse "Cadaver" Öörni
Pasi "Albert" Ojala

The game is available from Cadaver's home page: http://www.student.oulu.fi/~loorni/

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