Things have changed since the 20th Century. Using the word metanode in node titles is now highly discouraged by the establishment. The reasoning behind this is it adds an extra word to the search, whereas just adding a writeup under the general heading is easier to find.

As an example, I (mistakenly) made a First Aid Metanode. I listed several ways to assist folks who had something serious happen to them, from head injuries to burns. I was immediately confronted by one of the E2 Gods, since I was a content editor and I had read (but forgot) the FAQ concerning what not to do. After thinking about it, they were quite correct. If you were looking for something under First Aid because your kid just hit their head, typing in first aid in the search box would not get you to my How To... nodes, only a definition of First Aid.

If you want to put a bunch of links into a writeup, don't forget the two rules:

  1. Do not use the word metanode in the node title.
  2. These days, just putting a bunch of links in a writeup will get it downvoted quickly. Add some text to explain what the group of links are for, perhaps give some general background information.
  3. Oh, what's a metanode? Sorry, there used to be a definition around here somewhere. A metanode is basically an index of other writeups.

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