He is also involved in filmmaking and has so far acted as a producer on the films Spring Forward, Being John Malkovich and Olive, the Other Reindeer (which was a T.V. movie); a co-producer on The Limey and American Movie; an executive producer on Our Song and Velvet Goldmine (which, incidentally, co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers who is HOT as all goatfuck). His film production company is called Single Cell Films. The Internet Movie Database lists his production company as being called C-1OO. I hadn't ever heard of that one, but Dem bones said: "Michael Stipe started C-100 films to do videos for R.E.M. around the time of reckoning (1983). The company is occasionally used for projects." So, yep. there ya go.
In summation: This Man Kicks Your Ass.
John Michael Stipe grew up in a number of places, including Georgia, Texas, Germany and Illinois. He was shy when he was in school and didn't fit into any particular crowd. He always had a love for music, and while still living in Illinois he started a rock/punk band he called "Bad Habits." In 1978 he and his family moved back to Georgia and he enrolled at The University of Georgia in Athens.

He met band mate Peter Buck at the local "Wuxtry's" record store, and the two of them played in a band- they eventually met Bill Berry and Mike Mills and left the band to create R.E.M. Michael Stipe has always been very concerned about the environment and works to make others environmentally aware.


Athens, Ga. Inside/Out (1987) *He gives an interesting performance of "how Popeye exercises."*
Arena Brains (1988)
Tourfilm (1990)
The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1993) *He played an ice cream man in the episode "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation."*
Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1995) *He was in the episode " Hungry."*
RoadMovie (1996)
Girls Town (1996) *part of film crew*
Anthem (1997)
Velvet Goldmine (1998) *Executive producer*
The Limey (1999) *Co-producer*
American Movie (1999) *Co-producer*
Being John Malkovich (1999) *Producer*
Spring Forward (1999) *Producer*
Man on the Moon (1999) *Composer*
Party of Five (1999) *Was in the episode "Fragile."*
Our Song (2000) *Executive producer*

I had an obsession for him and R.E.M. during middle school. I live in Athens nowadays, though I see he and other band members around downtown only occasionally. They sometimes do secret shows. Stipe does plenty of positive work for the community here. A lot of gossip travels about Stipe- I wouldn't know what was true or not for sure, so I don't think I should write up those stories. He came on to one of my male friends at a bar one night, though. My friend was not interested because Stipe was not "his type."

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While it is true that John Michael Stipe is surrounded by rumour, here are some facts:

If anyone else has any random pieces of relevant Stipe info that they think will add to the whole, /msg me and I'll include them.

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