This was one of the greatest segments ever to air on WWF Raw, and the one moment more than any other that hooked me back into professional wrestling in late '98.  Michael Cole's work on commentary after the match really made it feel special--and everyone's smiles seem just a little too big not to be genuine. A truly touching moment, regardless of whether wrestling is real or not.


Michael Cole: Stone Cold with a chair!  He pulled Mankind on top!

JL: NO!  NO!  Don't do it!!

Referee Earl Hebner counts the pinfall--Mankind pins The Rock to become the new WWF Champion.

Howard Finkel (on the microphone): Here is your winner...and NEWWWW World Wrestling Federation Champion...MANKIND!

JL: Oh my god, NO!

MC: Mankind did it!  Mick Foley did it!

JL: No...Stone Cold did it!

MC: Mankind has achieved his dream and the dream of everyone else who's been told, "You can't do it!"

JL: No!  You can't do it!  You can't do this!

MC: Mick Foley has come a long way from his first match in Clarksburg, West Virginia, 15 years ago!  Mick Foley has come a long way...oh hell yeah, Mick Foley!

JL: Oh, shut up.

MC: He's come a long way from sleeping on the floors of Motel 6's...from sleeping in his Ford Fairmont, learning to wrestle.  He's been known as Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Mankind, but tonight and forever, Mick Foley will simply be known as WWF Champion!

JL: Please SHUT UP!  Don't you realize this is the worst, blackest day in the life of that man, Mr. McMahon?  Oh my god...look at that decrepid freak of nature...

MC: From the days he was called "Moby Mick"...

JL: Get that off the screen, he's the champion of the WWF, this is unbelievable...

MC: He was once called "Moby Mick" as a pudgy kid, but tonight...tonight he is champion!

JL: Anybody but him!

MC: He wanted to hear the people cheer for him, for his ability, for his talent...into cheering for him...

Road Dogg (on the microphone): Cut the music!  Without further ado, I announce to you, the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion of the WOOOOOORLD, MANKIND!

MC: King, you can't measure guts, heart, and determination...he may not be the most talented, he may not be the best looking...

JL: He's the ugliest...Mankind's the ugliest...

MC: But he is champion!

Mankind (on the microphone): Hey Vince!  I gotta tell you, this feels pretty damn good!

MC: He's no longer the kid who ate worms in a schoolyard as a teenager.  King, he is CHAMPION!  He represents the WWF as champion!

Mankind (on the microphone): At the risk of not sounding very cool, I'd like to dedicate this match to my two little people at home and say...BIG DADDY-O DID IT!

JL: This is the blackest day in the history of the WWF...

MC: My god...anything can happen in the WWF!  Mick Foley said he was going to walk out on top and dammit, HE DID!

Fade to black.

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