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Doctor Who - The New Series

Mickey Smith

Played by: Noel Clarke (2005-2006); Casey Dyer (1.08, "Father's Day")

Age: Approx. 26 in 2005.

Occupation: Mechanic, later freedom fighter.

Doctor: The Ninth Doctor, The Tenth Doctor.

Season One Mickey is Rose's boyfriend and is perhaps six or seven years older than her, in physical age if not mentally. He's very laddish and would sooner go down the pub for a pint of lager and a game of footy than take Rose out for a meal. Nevertheless, he's a good lad who really does love Rose and is at her beck and call whenever she comes back to his time.

The Doctor was initially unimpressed by Mickey's cowardice in the blank face of the plastic menace, but Mickey earned his respect by helping him defeat the Slitheen, a family of aliens hoping to destroy the planet. The Doctor offered him a place on the TARDIS but Mickey turned him down, saying that he couldn't handle the Doctor's lifestyle. The Doctor allowed him to save face by telling Rose that Mickey was barred from the ship.

Rose left Mickey behind without a second thought after she first met the Doctor. This upset him greatly and although they made up during her initial return visit, the ease with which she adapted to living away from Mickey showed that she never cared for him as much as he loved her.

This led to an uncomfortable confrontation in Cardiff, when Mickey turned his back on Rose and walked out of her life. He soon found himself involved with her again, however, when she became stranded in 2006 London. Mickey and Rose's mother, Jackie, helped Rose to return to the Doctor, but didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Season Two Mickey and Jackie were reunited with Rose on Christmas of that year, when they, Rose and Prime Minister Harriet Jones helped the Tenth Doctor fend off a Christmas invasion from space. This time he seemed more accepting of Rose's infatuation with the Doctor and was there to wave Rose off when she set off again in 2.01, "New Earth".

However, it seems that Mickey had caught something of the adventuring bug from Rose and the Doctor and began snooping around a few mysteries himself. When he noticed a spate of unusual disappearances from a local school, he contacted Rose and got her and the Doctor to investigate.There, they found that the staff had been replaced with horrendous bat-like shapeshifters who were using the children as biological supercomputers to unlock the secrets of space and time. While the Doctor and Rose were fending off the creatures, Mickey entered the fray and was instrumental in rescuing the children. Having experienced for himself the dangers and thrills of the Doctor's lifestyle, he stepped aboard the TARDIS as a full-blown companion.

After a brief stop-off in a spaceship that was somehow connected to 17th century France, the TARDIS crew found themselves in an alternate-reality London where Mickey's grandmother - the woman who brought him up - was still alive. His delight at discovering this was marred by the fact that the Mickey of this dimension - called 'Ricky' - was a member of The Preachers, a band of rebels dedicated to fighting the insane genius John Lumic, who was transforming innocent humans into emotionless Cybermen.

The final stages of Lumic's plan were put into action when he sent his warriors out to forcibly convert every human in the world into Cybermen. During the carnage, Ricky was killed and Mickey took over control of the Preachers.

After helping the Doctor and Rose thwart Lumic's plan, Mickey decided to stay behind in the alternate universe, where he could take care of Ricky's grandmother and help the Preachers destroy the last of the Cyber-factories.

Rose and the Doctor believed that they would not see Mickey again, but they were wrong. After investigating a spate of ghostly appearances across the world, the pair were kidnapped by Torchwood, a clandestine organisation based in the pyramid at the top of the Canary Wharf building. There, they found that experiments were taking place to pull a mysterious sphere through from the void inbetween universes. However, doing this was also pulling through the Cybermen, who had fled Mickey's Preachers (who had developed weapons to fight the cyborgs) in order to invade the Doctor's universe.

Worse, the sphere also contained the last four Daleks, along with their myserious "Genesis Ark". The result was full-scale war between the two races, with Earth caught in the middle. Luckily, Mickey and the Preachers had developed their own dimension-hopping technology and were able to lend a hand. The Doctor managed to come up with a way to fix the problem, but the end result left him on one side of the void and Mickey, Rose and Jackie in the alternate universe.

The last we saw of Mickey, he was living with Rose, Jackie and an alternate-universe Pete Tyler in Pete's mansion. It was implied that he and Rose had joined the alternate-universe Torchwood. His return to the series, like that of all the alternate universe-based characters, is unlikely.

Alternate universe Mickey Ricky was phsycially identical to Mickey, but had a meaner temperament, presumably because of his time spent leading the Preachers in their cold war against John Lumic's Cybus Corporation. He claimed to be the most wanted man in London, but this turned out to be because of unpaid parking tickets.

Upon meeting Mickey, Ricky believed him to be a mole, somehow altered to look like him so that he could get inside the group. However, Mickey won his trust by helping the group escape the Cybermen. Sadly, Ricky was killed by a Cyberman shortly afterwards, forcing Mickey to step in and take his place.

Appearances First season: Appears in 1.01, "Rose"; 1.04, "Aliens of London"; 1.05, "World War Three"; 1.08, "Father's Day"; 1.11, "Boom Town" and 1.13; "The Parting of the Ways".

Second season: Appears in sp.01, "The Christmas Invasion"; 2.01, "New Earth"; 2.03, "School Reunion"; 2.04, "The Girl in the Fireplace"; 2.05, "Rise of the Cybermen"; 2.06, "The Age of Steel"; 2.12, "Army of Ghosts"; 2.13, "Doomsday".

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