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Backpack on, watching the clock. Cannot start too early, a covert plan see? Midnight rolls onto the green digits and out the door, plenty of walking ahead. Through quiet downtown alleys, flickering golden streetlights soften the summer darkness just enough to regret going on. A specific course, only three places to cross, nighttime water feels calm yet sinister. Wooden plank built that allowed peeking through the cracks to below, walking alongside the green painted steel and asphalt. Silently hoping no police would pass, certain to complicate everything with questions, tonight there is no traffic.

Solid earth again, moving enough into the rolling green of a golf course to be obscured. Slightly creepy, a controlled look over the shoulder, feeble consolation. Moving through, up down, the little swells of grass start to resemble a midnight green ocean. A soft rolling in it type of ocean. As the feeling that it will go on forever starts to creep near, suddenly over, the asphalt perpendicular running pops up. Down this road runs straight there, too open. A back way usual, favored. Through parallel apples, pears, hazelnuts, interleaved with blank tilled rows.

Finaly there, last precaution is to listen for anyone, just in case. Quiet, not silent. Rustling peach leaves fade to background how citysounds cannot. Slinking down between peach tree rows, ducking under into the low canopy. Feeling in the dark, drooping branches lead towards soft large peaches near the end. Alternating, eating dripping sweet fruit and packing gently into the backpack, till no room in either. Slow, tiredly sneak napping the way home for ice cream cereal peach pie tomorrow.

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