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"They don't care about us, which is exactly what we want. It keeps us safe."

"Don't you think they'll notice once they find out what you've been doing?"

"We keep a low profile, not like your attempted revolutions, which just about scream for your own destruction."

"Destruction? That may be, but we're not going down without a fight."

"And what good has your fight done for you? Nothing but failed battles and additional pain for the very people you're trying to help."

"While you don't try to help anybody but yourselves."

"We know our place. We know we can't possibly defeat The Empire. That's why we try to hide our success as much as possible - so they don't come."

"So you live in your tiny little paradise and watch billions of other beings suffer?"

"Unfortunately, that can't be helped. What we've learned from your type of people is that once you try to spread your type of utopia, you get noticed, and then you get stomped on."

"Well, we can't just let The Empire have its way everywhere across the galaxy."

"We don't let them have it here. We build a decent life for the here and now. We don't promise a future that never comes. We want to live this way for as long as possible."

"Despite all your success, if you don't help the suffering elsewhere, then all your accomplishments come to naught."

"It may not matter to them, but it matters to the people here. We have built a haven for them, instead of inviting war upon them."

"Then you are cowards for being complicit in the suffering of thousands of other civilizations."

"I'm afraid that's where we have a different opinion from that of The Rebel Alliance."

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