Tor was a teenage caveboy in a fictional prehistoric past. While on a hunting trip with his pet dinosaur, Tog, he saved a hermit from an attack by a carnivorous dinosaur. In gratitude, the old man granted Tor a wooden club with great powers. By raising the club in his right hand and crying the name "Mightor!" Tor was transformed into the mesomorphic adult Mightor. His companion Tog was also transformed into a fire-breathing dragon. The club also gave Mightor the ability to fly and to fire "force rays."

"The Mighty Mightor" often saved Tor's fellow villagers, the Cave People, and surrounding villages' occupants from evil-doers. The chief of the Cave People was named Pondo, and his beautiful red-headed daughter Shera, Tor's contemporary, and son Li'l Rock often shared Tor's adventures.

The cast members of "The Mighty Mighter" segments of the 1967 Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor Saturday morning cartoon were:

  • Mighty Mightor - Paul Stewart
  • Tor - Bobby Diamond
  • Tog/Ork - John Stephenson
  • Lil Rock - Norma McMillan
  • Chief Pondo - John Stephenson
  • Sheera - Patsy Garrett

These episodes were later repeated in "Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure" (1980). Mightor and his friends also appeared in the "Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes" comic book from Gold Key (1968-1969).

The Mightor character was created by Alex Toth.

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